I recall telling a certain man in my life how the Catholic church (which I grew up in and he did not) caused me immense self hatred even though I was fortunate enough not to be subjected to literal physical torture like this, and he responded by saying that despite "some problems" it seemed like a unifying and positive community overall. Here you can see it's just another patriarchal institution used to manufacture excuses to destroy us. The nuns were women trained to punish other women for being women. Absolutely sickening.

Things seem to have improved with the inclusion of female and gay ministers these days, but anyone who believes the church wasn't originally steeped in the same misogyny and chauvinistic power structures we see around the world are sadly ignorant.

By "female and gay ministers" do you mean the laypeople in administrative roles who become de facto spiritual leaders at progressive Catholic churches? There was one of those at St. Francis in Portland for a long time, but when she retired a few years ago they were assigned a conservative Nigerian-born priest who is greatly at odds with his congregation.