I recall telling a certain man in my life how the Catholic church (which I grew up in and he did not) caused me immense self hatred even though I was fortunate enough not to be subjected to literal physical torture like this, and he responded by saying that despite "some problems" it seemed like a unifying and positive community overall. Here you can see it's just another patriarchal institution used to manufacture excuses to destroy us. The nuns were women trained to punish other women for being women. Absolutely sickening.

Things seem to have improved with the inclusion of female and gay ministers these days, but anyone who believes the church wasn't originally steeped in the same misogyny and chauvinistic power structures we see around the world are sadly ignorant.

By "female and gay ministers" do you mean the laypeople in administrative roles who become de facto spiritual leaders at progressive Catholic churches? There was one of those at St. Francis in Portland for a long time, but when she retired a few years ago they were assigned a conservative Nigerian-born priest who is greatly at odds with his congregation.

A number of women recalled how labour was used as an opportunity to punish unmarried mothers for their “sins”. A woman who was adopted from Sean Ross Abbey said her mother had been tied to a bed when she was in labour and that “a nun sat on her chest” to make her push.

Letters in and out of the institutions were often read and censured. A woman at Sean Ross had written to her aunt complaining about the food.A nun read out the letter in the dining room, and made the woman eat it.

OK so I understand most of the nuns are probably dead, but why aren't they being prosecuted? This is downright nightmarish. Do these women seriously think they're getting into heaven when they engage in this level of cruelty towards their fellow human beings?

I wish I could ask one of these nuns face to face why she felt she was above both secular and God's law and allowed to violently abuse these women. There seems to be this super sadistic streak present in priests and nuns and I'm just wondering why we aren't confronting it? I'm not exactly talking about the child molestation (even though that's part of it).

I'm talking about this incessant, inherent need to physically hurt other people— to watch then squirm in pain as they press the ruler down harder on the child's knuckles, trying to suppress a smile when a sick, grinding crunch is heard from the child's hands. I've honest to god never seen anyone as delighted and filled with sick pleasure at the concept of physical hurting other people as priests and nuns.

The Catholic church should be paying millions to these women and children in reparations, and those complicit in running these "homes" should face criminal charges. Obscene.

As always, the removal and punishment of those in power comes too late - if it comes at all.

If this was about sin, why weren't the men locked up? Where was their punishment? Once again, religion was just an excuse to control women. And, once again, it's biology that determines which sex gets punished, not identity.

Those poor men... they were entirely at the mercy of those young vixens. How dare those children barely pubescent, sinful women tempt them by having a body!

It's unfortunate, because not only do those institutions only punish women, but they also utilize women against themselves. Not even your own sex is safe, and in this case, they were the worst tormenters.