Women are our own worst enemies

It’s INSANE how deeply “sex positive” (which imma keep referring to as porn positive) “feminism” has become imbedded in our culture

A girl I know has recently made it public on her personal social media that she’s a prostitute - full on, links to her website with all the services she offers, complaining that men contact her to book an appointment and then she’s surprised they want it for free? She can’t even get 10 men to sign up for her only fans which is around $5 a month. She’s clearly had several people in her life try to talk to her about how dangerous this is but she’s got her fingers firmly in her ears. She quit her job to do this full time and is shocked the money isn’t just falling in her lap. Sex work is work but not the way you think.

She’s a married (to a man), grown ass woman.

It shouldn’t surprise me as much as it did

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Even the women on r/sexworkers ripped some creepy scrote a new one for promoting sex work to random women on Reddit.

They told him that the industry is now flooded with providers, so competition is driving prices to rock bottom, most women aren’t making very much money, and they risk ruining their chance at professional advancement in a real career if their identity is linked with this stuff.

They also acknowledged the trauma that can be caused by engaging in prostitution, porn, OnlyFans, or stripping.

Of course, men love the idea of a market flooded with women who have nowhere else to turn and will offer desperately low prices because they have no choice. Literally every other post on sex worker forums is about men who try to get sex or OF content for free!

I did online sex work for a little bit - all the of above is literally why I say “sex work is work but not the way you think”. 90% of my time was spent in chat rooms filed with fellas, all of them just wanting to chitchat and none of them wanting to pay - sex workers tell you not to allow them to do that but then it runs down your engagement and pushes you further down the search results. Most of your inbox is flooded with men who want a freebie or to just waste your time. I worked on one site that had a chat feature for the boys, they’d message you negging you into dirty texting with them. You’d tell them they need to pay and they’d refuse. The girls on the help page all complained about this, some of the girls even engaged and tried to get them to pay after and the men would just dissapear. Also all those sites take a MASSIVE cut of your money, the only call I had that made money totalled around $350 and I got about $80. It was still the most money I made on a single call.

Most girls go into it thinking they can fling out a few nudes and have piles of cash. Your told repeatedly by site owners that more money is in porn, so you do more graphic nudes, you make porn videos by yourself, with a boyfriend or with another girl. Then your told the real money is in proper porn production so you go there. Then your told the real money is at shows where guys can meet you and book personal sessions. Then your told the real money is in working for yourself and having your own site and booking your own in house jobs.

Also with online work, these guys message you ALL THE TIME. All the fucking time. About nothing. They don’t pay up and leave, they hang around and are a total pain in the ass. But you can’t block and delete them because like I said, they push your engagement up.

The truth is there is no money. You might get one or two that pay but for the most part all the excessive access to porn and the high number of women available for paid sex work just makes men more entitled to womens bodies. Your content gets stolen and reproduced without your permission, most of the time you don’t even know it’s happened. There are people online who dedicate their lives to ruining the lives of sex workers

I used to be friends with a different girl who has over 30,000 Instagram followers, super high engagement on her soft porn Instagram photos and an only fans that she sells subscriptions to for cheep. She has always needed a full time job. She can’t work as an influencer because brands won’t sponser people who make porn. She’s forever reducing the price of her only fans yet only the handful of her few hardest followers pay for it, the rest of it gets ripped off and re uploaded elsewhere. Every few months she has a new job - she’s recently got a pretty decent one. But I imagine it won’t be long before she’s suddenly doing something else

I literally could write several posts about this subject

What the heck is going on with our society where married women think sex work is empowering and the husbands are letting them do it (or pimping them out).

I haven’t seen her in a while but she’s always been a bit… odd. I’m not sure how to write this so I don’t sound really mean. She’s one of those women that really desperately needs to know she’s adored by men, that she’s sexy and alluring to them and she’ll throw other women on the bus to appeal to them. She had huge “not like other girls” “I’m not friends with girls because of the drama” phases and if you had a boyfriend she’d make a big point of flirting with them infront of you.

When she got married I assumed she’d grow out of it especially now she’s commited but I wonder if the guy she’s with gets off on it. He had an affair about a year ago though so I might be wrong - who knows.

Any girlfriends she had left have seemingly fallen away except to “yasss girl” her for selling herself - except the other prostitutes she meets at events or she films porn with. She received a lot of messages from people and was shouting off about it because there are people who disagree with her actions and are sending her hate. When she merged her prostitution account with her personal one and started filming herself talking about her marriage problems and complaining that men arnt paying as much as she expects them too I just unfollowed her. It was too sad.