It’s INSANE how deeply “sex positive” (which imma keep referring to as porn positive) “feminism” has become imbedded in our culture

A girl I know has recently made it public on her personal social media that she’s a prostitute - full on, links to her website with all the services she offers, complaining that men contact her to book an appointment and then she’s surprised they want it for free? She can’t even get 10 men to sign up for her only fans which is around $5 a month. She’s clearly had several people in her life try to talk to her about how dangerous this is but she’s got her fingers firmly in her ears. She quit her job to do this full time and is shocked the money isn’t just falling in her lap. Sex work is work but not the way you think.

She’s a married (to a man), grown ass woman.

It shouldn’t surprise me as much as it did

What the heck is going on with our society where married women think sex work is empowering and the husbands are letting them do it (or pimping them out).

I haven’t seen her in a while but she’s always been a bit… odd. I’m not sure how to write this so I don’t sound really mean. She’s one of those women that really desperately needs to know she’s adored by men, that she’s sexy and alluring to them and she’ll throw other women on the bus to appeal to them. She had huge “not like other girls” “I’m not friends with girls because of the drama” phases and if you had a boyfriend she’d make a big point of flirting with them infront of you.

When she got married I assumed she’d grow out of it especially now she’s commited but I wonder if the guy she’s with gets off on it. He had an affair about a year ago though so I might be wrong - who knows.

Any girlfriends she had left have seemingly fallen away except to “yasss girl” her for selling herself - except the other prostitutes she meets at events or she films porn with. She received a lot of messages from people and was shouting off about it because there are people who disagree with her actions and are sending her hate. When she merged her prostitution account with her personal one and started filming herself talking about her marriage problems and complaining that men arnt paying as much as she expects them too I just unfollowed her. It was too sad.

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Maybe she has issues with co-dependency or something similar, or some serious trauma. That kind of extreme male-attention-seeking behavior and throwing other women under the bus can also be indicative of a personality disorder.

I had to stop being friends with someone who ended up being diagnosed with a personality disorder. She was propositioning random women on behalf of her creepy husband, neglecting her young daughter to chat with creepers around our apartment complex, and even having these strange men in her house and car around her daughter, which was the deal breaker for me and all her other friends. Her treatment of her daughter ended up being reported by a group of us.

She’d promise to drive our disabled friend to an important doctor’s appointment but then run into some random man at the store and just disappear.

One time, she pulled up her car to say hello to this married guy she knew from church, who worked nearby. He threw a wad of cash into her face and walked off. Have no idea if she was literally prostituting herself to him or if he just wanted to insult her or both, but they were definitely sleeping together.

Her entire life revolved around fishing compliments from men and flirting, especially with committed men (and let’s face it, many, many men are super promiscuous and are very happy to get easy attention and NSA sex from whomever).

She mentioned frequently that she considered doing porn when she was younger, said she’s surprised she’s not a “streetwalker” and I’m sure she’d love to get onto OnlyFans if she hasn’t already, but she also discussed being suicidal. She was a victim of CSA from both her father and her uncle, and her own mother knew and did nothing. Her father was arrested a few years ago for exposing himself to children at a park.

She had a lot of trauma to work through and all we could do was urge her to seek proper support. I’m sure this trauma contributed to her personality disorder. The thing is that men love to exploit women like her and then joke about it. They can see she’s unwell and couldn’t care less.

I was (and still am) terrified about what might happen to her daughter which is why we reported it after we could see she wasn’t going to stop this dangerous behavior around her. These men she was picking up were capable of anything.

Libfems would call this “liberating” if she got paid for it, like the guy throwing money in her face. I don’t know if other men paid her or not, but it was nothing but degradation, trauma, and a lot of risk.