It’s INSANE how deeply “sex positive” (which imma keep referring to as porn positive) “feminism” has become imbedded in our culture

A girl I know has recently made it public on her personal social media that she’s a prostitute - full on, links to her website with all the services she offers, complaining that men contact her to book an appointment and then she’s surprised they want it for free? She can’t even get 10 men to sign up for her only fans which is around $5 a month. She’s clearly had several people in her life try to talk to her about how dangerous this is but she’s got her fingers firmly in her ears. She quit her job to do this full time and is shocked the money isn’t just falling in her lap. Sex work is work but not the way you think.

She’s a married (to a man), grown ass woman.

It shouldn’t surprise me as much as it did