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I've gotten to a point where I see liberal feminists and tradwives are pretty much the same. And actually, when it comes to protecting women and girls from sex trafficking, I think tradwives are actually more likely to pretend they care, whereas a liberal feminist will cut you off and start telling you that men pay her $20 a pop for videos of her farting so since she's ACTSHUALLY a sex worker maybe you should listen to her.

They have so little empathy and love the idea of being desired by men so much that they'll really throw 8-year-old girls being raped five times a day under the bus just so they can keep their feeder OnlyFans going. I have honestly had it up to here with their bullshit. The women who pulled this shit are scum.

The tradwives are actually infinitely smarter than the libfems. At least the tradwives require a bare minimum level of commitment and standards for their men. And, by getting married, they insure that they and their children have some level of legal protection should their scrote decide to bail on them

The libfems, on the other hand, give their scrotes unlimited sexual freedom to do whatever depraved shit they want. And in exchange for what? Scary, violent orgasm-free sex and a series of shitty "friends with benefits" and/or ployamorous arrangements?