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I've gotten to a point where I see liberal feminists and tradwives are pretty much the same. And actually, when it comes to protecting women and girls from sex trafficking, I think tradwives are actually more likely to pretend they care, whereas a liberal feminist will cut you off and start telling you that men pay her $20 a pop for videos of her farting so since she's ACTSHUALLY a sex worker maybe you should listen to her.

They have so little empathy and love the idea of being desired by men so much that they'll really throw 8-year-old girls being raped five times a day under the bus just so they can keep their feeder OnlyFans going. I have honestly had it up to here with their bullshit. The women who pulled this shit are scum.

You can say a lot about tradwifes but most would sincerely care about ending prostitution and pornography.