If Scottish women don’t have rights, why should they pay taxes?

This is the problem with these laws (see also sexual harassment, flashing, up skirting, voyeurism etc). As Catherine mackinnon would point out, they focus on the man’s own interpretation of what he is doing and his intentions as opposed to the impact on the victim.

The law says it’s only a crime if he intended to humiliate, upset and alarm the women by asking for sex or if he asked for sex in the course of pursuing sexual gratification. It doesn’t matter that the women were actually frightened and upset. This dude just claims he didn’t intend to upset them, he was just asking a neutral question! And so he gets off.

Also he said he didn’t ask them for sex to fulfil a sexual gratification … again he wasn’t getting off to it, it was just a neutral question. So he gets off. It’s ridiculous because any reasonable person would know that asking for sex is inherently sexual, (and is also a power play over women). But the opinions of the reasonable person don’t matter. All that matters is this scrotes mental state when he asked for sex.

There was another case where a man pretended to be a doctor to examine womens breasts. He was acquited of sexual assault because he did it out of “scientific curiosity” and not for a sexual motive.

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Fuck you, Scotland.

I second that.

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I’m having moments of imagining Edward I saying “Told you so” tbh. I used to love Scotland. Not anymore. I visited twenty years ago. Wouldn’t set foot in the place now.

I had to reread that headline. What? Fuck men. And fuck the law for only protecting men.