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The list of values is spot on. But "Liberal Intersectional Feminism" isn't a good name for what is happening. This is a comment not so much about the article itself but about how we talk about feminism in the Gender Critical community.

Obedience to Authority is "Authoritarian". An example Left-Authoritarian point of view is "I don't tolerate intolerance". Anyone who speaks that is not Liberal, they believe in Authoritarianism. A Liberal mindset is "tolerating people who are different then you".

That's why people with this view point do not call themselves 'Liberal Feminists' - it's important to note that they don't self-name themselves liberal, AND - they aren't liberal. They are Authoritarian.

So I really wish we'd stop calling people who aren't Liberal Feminists "Liberal" because it isn't a good descriptor, and it's not how people self-identify, so they don't see themselves as it.

I'd rather call it Pop Culture Feminism, Social Media Feminism or even Monetized Feminism (businesses using it to sell products). Heck - even Authoritarian Intersectional Feminism to distinguish it from Authentic Intersectional Feminism - because most self-identify as intersectional.

I think what we are seeing in politics is a shift on the left from Liberal to Authoritarian - and that's the key difference.

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the shift to authoritarianism has been happening on the right too and it's scary. The right and left are having a hard time existing without being the worst version of themselves. (at least based on the people who get the most attention)