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Maybe you can whine about this group's purity once 13 year olds aren't being legally castrated anymore??

Gays Against Groomers has a VERY narrow focus. And it makes sense for them to team up with groups who share that focus. Additionally, it helps them foster good will with religious groups who normally wouldn't interact with gays or lesbians. Which is especially important now that mainstream gay organizations are lumping gays and lesbians in with the sick fucks giving hormones to nine year olds.

If you still think they're wrong to do this, fine. But I'd love to see suggestions for a large, influential liberal group that will give Gays Against Groomers the time of day.

Your arguments make no sense. We are supposed to put up with assholes who want to turn us into brood mares because they are the only ones who don’t want to castrate 13 year olds?! It’s insane you are pushing this view on a site for women. MAYBE your argument would hold an ounce of water if it was posted in the GC circle, but it absolutely does not in the womens liberation circle.

I thought this was the GC circle (this thread was on the front page).

Anyway, You can’t achieve anything if you're unwilling to work with or speak to people who don't already share 100% of your views. It honestly can't hurt for these anti-abortion people to have more exposure to left leaning gay/lesbian people who (presumably) are pro-choice. If you're only comfortable preaching to your own choir, that's fine. But its silly to judge the people who are working to expand their message beyond folks who already agree with them

Sadly, some things require working with right wing allies. When I was in college, right wing groups were the only ones standing up against antisemitism on campus. I didn't have the luxury of saying "no" to their help just because I didn't like their stance on abortion. And I think the fight to safeguard children and decouple the LGBs from the TQs is equally important.