This is very much parallel to the silencing of GC women here in the West. Most equivalences are false equivalences, but not this one.

Two days after the incident, Weibo announced a zero-tolerance policy toward users who spread “harmful speech,” including comments that “attacked state policy and the political system” or that “incited gender conflict.” In forty-eight hours, the platform removed more than fourteen thousand posts, suspended eight thousand users, and permanently banned another thousand. On Weibo and other platforms, like WeChat, where hundreds of millions of people in China get their news, feminists are often called “women’s fists,” which sounds like the Chinese phrase for “women’s rights.” Popular words that refer to gender discrimination, such as “hunlu,” which means “marriage mules”—a sarcastic term about the thankless labor of married women—have been banned. Even the phrase “MeToo” is heavily censored, making it impossible to make new public complaints with the signature hashtag.

If you these show articles to certain types of leftist (tankies) they dismiss it as western propaganda, but there is never enough proof to these people. The China worship is so weird.

The China worship happens because dipshits on the left love authoritarianism and censorship, just so long as you call it "leftist."

We here know a little something about the erasure of women's voices in the New Yorker's part of the world, too. As it's written somewhere, you will see the flea on your neighbour's head but you will not see the elephant on your own

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There's no need to get defensive here. Why assume we don't know about western censorship? This site wouldn't even exist if not for that censorship and most of us came here specifically to escape censorship of some kind. The fact that it can exist (for now) shows that western freedoms do make a difference. Western companies complied to censorship pressure but they can't pass laws to stop rogue speech outright like they do in other countries. Ovarit could never operate in China.