I tried to post about this site but got my post deleted. If it's in the wrong circle move. Here's my deleted rant:Why the hell is a site like Omegle easily accessible to anyone on the Internet especially children. The premise is talk to strangers. Which is fucking weird in of itself. That site host a bunch of racist, sexist and other harmful content as well. .The fact that doesn't have any account registration makes it even more dangerous. Considering the fact that it makes it harder to find predators. What makes it worse is that website is aware of this problem and they used to have a warning on the front page about predators using the app to prey on kids. That is until they took it off because it's bad for business. As someone who was groomed and blackmailed by a perv on the Internet when I was younger I worry for children because I don't want them to go through the same thing. The site should be 18+ behind a paywall and no it doesn't need to be a porn website

I think this is the homepage we had problems with some years back. Some of the middle school students had been using it on their phone and encountered a grown man who was on cam... And well... Let's just say they saw things kids should never see :( this is all the more reason kids shouldn't have a smartphone with constant, unlimited access to the internet. But so many adults are happy to tell themselves that the positives are far greater than the negatives and the risks :/

I knew what website it was going to be before I clicked on the article. I remember using this site when I was in middle, and very underage. Most of the times I ever used the video function, old men would flash their penises at me. They would do so often after they asked my age and I told them I was 12 at the time. It was so disturbing.

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I remember when Omegle got popular years and years back with the youth. They did not listen to the adults ringing the alarm then, but hopefully they will now.

'Talk to strangers, take candy from strangers, get in cars with strangers...', in short the exact opposite of everything we were told and that all kids anytime anywhere should be told.

Even for adults talking to strangers is dangerous so why should a kid even need to talk to one. Looking back it's safer to be alone than be with a complete stranger. Like has people ever remember of stranger danger. Kids are taught this but don't care and still do anyway.