This is great, love to see women connecting and building our own networks and resources. Even if it starts on ye olde zucc datamining site.. I hope they get a site of their own!

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This is fantastic and the countdown begins to when a TIM tries to ruin this.

Women really are there for each other despite how we are often portrayed as backstabbing and catty by many. I'm so glad women in need had someone who was willing and able to help, even though it wasn't her area of work or interest. She was just being decent.

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whether consciously or not, men try to keep us apart from each other, to keep us divided so that it's easier to control us that way - especially by breeding animosity against older women, since they usually don't take shit from these men, and might influence the younger women to do the same.

hey that sounds familiar. that's the isolation abuse tactic! hm, i wonder why.

but honestly, individual abuse and systematic oppression has so much in common. and systematic oppression contributes to so much abuse. that's probably a topic for another time. I want to deep dive on this in a separate post.

I found this article quite motivating - it shows how what starts as just casual friendships between women can grow into a strong support network.

Archive link: https://archive.ph/mlj1b