This tweet and article was from October, 2021. I haven’t seen any recent information or tweets about this.

I did notice that but I searched Ovarit and saw no one had posted this when it came out so I wanted to share. Maybe it did get posted on here somewhere but it’s not showing up in searches.

According to official figures, men are five times more likely to carry out sexual assaults or rape against inmates while housed in women's prisons.

That's likely a massive underestimate, because the prison service records a lot of TIM offences in women's prisons as "woman on woman" offences.

Also in UK law women can't commit rape because it has to involve a penis.

Technically women can be charged with rape here if it’s assisting a man to rape, rape by conspiracy or something (although I’m pretty sure that’s not the legal term).

But because TiMs have their crimes recorded as women’s we now do have women recorded as rapists. Which is fucked.

The home office stats on sex offences here say 99.1% of crimes are committed by men, it’s now likely the 0.9% women commit includes TiMs crimes. (There are female sex offenders, but it’s very rare and likely much less than this official stat because of TiMs). There was something in the news about how different areas here record TiMs crimes, some as women and some as men. Which is a mess. Which is what SB referenced in her speech about recording crimes accurately.

I read it as, they are 5x more likely to rape while in a womens prison than while in a mens prison

Anonymous was always run by a woman weirdly. They look into different astro-turfed censorus movements so it's probably pretty disconcerting

Why weirdly? (asking in good faith)

Because hacking is typically a male hobby/preoccupation? In fact it seems to be true that whenever I encounter a 'woman' in the 'dark web'/hacking world it's inevitably a TIM. In this case, probably, hopefully, it isn't.

Thanks for explaining :)

It would definitely be extremely weird if a TIM was behind the 'terfy' warning about males in women's prisons!

Oh do you have any sources for that? :D

One of the founders of anonymous came to my class to speak and he said that women are actually doing a better job then the men at running it nowadays. He speculated that it is because they are more disciplined and they are trying to disprove the stereotype that women aren’t as competent in tech.

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Fantastic coverage from Reduxx as always. Interesting to see that Anonymous is a terf.

TRAs and the far left and their politicians ARE doing our work for us!! Anonymous had 5.4 million followers, many of whom likely didn't know about this policy. Thanks, TRAs!!!!!!