Twitter knows what a woman is when they want to ban uppity feminist activists from oppressive Muslim countries.

Maybe this woman should claim to be non-binary trans-masc and that the pics of the battered women are part of her BDSM kink

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this is quite a serious topic, and doesn't need to tangent into a criticism of gender ideology. i think it is important to talk about women getting beaten up by authority, and it's a sensitive topic on its own.

What nonsense. Also note that they apparently don't let people have "adult content" in profile images or headers, yet I've never seen that enforced either 🙄 twitter is just bullshit

But not the same govt that wanted to beat their citizens for making a funny dance video to Pharells Happy song

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Based on the information in that tweet, it does sound like she violated the rules? It's great for her to expose what they did but posting graphic photos of victims is iffy.

political speech should be an exception. most of the time, we don't need to show grim realities but sometimes we need to talk about them and a picture says a thousand words.

i used to play a little game when i had (silenced) twitter profile and it was "get the paedo/male pornographer/john banned". you need quite a few reports for someones account to get banned and half the time twitter admins don't care. i personally don't care about rules of a website that harms women, if she is doing good work. sometimes people need a bit of a "shake up".