So you can believe a toddler who says it wants to be the opposite sex but you can’t believe the same child when it discloses sexual abuse. Hmm.

The man who wrote this needs to be raided and have all his devices confiscated and searched NOW.

Wow, it must be a coincidence all these "false" sexual abuse claims are made against men. Wouldn't there be more equal distribution across the sexes if they really were false?

Also a man wrote the article of course. You can feel his sexism and the gross stereotypes.

So, we're at the point that if a kid says he is the other sex and wants to castrate himself in a couple years we have to say how brave and totally believe him, but if a kid says he o she was abused then the kid is a total liar. Fckd world.

I’m sure this guy is a “poster in professional and social media outlets” but I couldn’t find any legit peer reviewed studies in which he was cited.

Dr. Alan Blotcky, PHD Clinical Psychology•Male•Age 68

Clinical Psychologist in Birmingham, AL.


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*archived his therapy company.

Note the name: “Family Access Fighting for Children’s Rights”. Methinks it’s more like dad fighting mom for custody and accusing her of parental alienation and denying allegations of abuse, under the guise of children’s rights.

*Alan D Blotcky, PhD, is a clinical and forensic psychologist in private practice in Birmingham, Alabama. He is also Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has a full-time forensic practice focused on divorce, child custody, parental alienation, false allegations of abuse and best parenting arrangements. He publishes regularly in professional and social media outlets. He is frequently hired as an expert in parental alienation cases.

Like it needs to be harder for kids to get help. Jesus. The girl I was was too embarrassed to even tell my parents what had happened to me, and my parents were lovely people with whom I had a close relationship. So by all means, let's not believe the kids that do come forward. That'll help.

Same! I only really discussed and processed it with my parents until I was an adult and in therapy. Jesus.

the timeline point pissed me off. even when I'm telling a normal story, I can't keep the timeline straight even when I'm telling normal stories.

"yeah i was walking down the street and-oh wait, before that, I went to get a mojito from... this restaurant? I forgot the name, sorry. I forget names of things so much. anyway, I got a mojito and walked down the street, and there was this guy... wait, I think I met the guy when I was on the way to get the mojito. anyway, this guy yelled at me something, I turned around and he turned out to be my uncle- by the way, my uncle is a policeman, yeah he's been a cop for years now and has some crazy stories... (proceeds to go on tangent about said crazy stories, never gets back to original story)"

yeah, I suspect I have ADHD. no, I'm not joking. this has affected my life negatively so much.

now imagine, if I was traumatized and stressed and recounting said trauma, how much worse it would be.