Eliminating the use of fragrance in tampons in the U.S. means millions of menstruators will no longer be exposed to unnecessary chemicals used in fragrance from these products

Call us "menstruators", yet have no issue with naming their organisation Women's Voices for the Earth.

Yeah, it's quite weird... Maybe they're getting ready tp change name :(

Menstrators' Voices for the Earth? Vulva Havers for the Earth? Cervix Owners for the Earth? The list is endless!

I never understood scented pads and tampons. If anything it worsens the smell, but I can really only ever smell the period when changing. I have never been able to smell if someone else has a period. It preys on the shaming of women and (especially) teenage girls. I always hated the idea of making teenage girls ashamed of their natural body functions 😡 it's bad enough they have to deal with mean boys that shame them, they don't need the period product companies to join in. And then there's the whole problem of adding unnecessary chemicals to products that are in contact with sensitive areas for hours and days. We already have extra mild, fragrance free soaps specifically for intimate areas, meaning we know perfume and the like shouldn't go there.

FFS. Even my extremely repressed and not too aware mother told me, back in the day, never to use scented tampons or pads, and that any strong odor was potentially a medical problem to be checked out, not something to be covered up with perfume.

As well as carcinogens, etc the bleaching and perfumes can be extremely irritating, leading to discomfort, vaginitis, UTIs, etc. Less serious than cancer but also far more common. (Admittedly I'm the type who can't take bubble baths without getting a UTI, so am more sensitive to this.)

I’m surprised they still make scented sanitary products after everything we know about how they can impact vaginal health. I guess it’s just one more avenue to make money off our insecurities.

Look, do you want to be healthy, or do you want to be lavendar-scented and delicate? Get your priorities in place, woman menstruator.

How does this have anything whatsoever to do with "menstrual equity?"

Addressing period poverty is much harder I imagine.

I didn't know they even still sell this stuff. I use a cup.

Ugh I hate how they didn’t talk about women, rather “people who menstruate”. 😡

Both Carefree and Stayfree has a smell on their pads even the "unscented" ones, last i had to buy them in an emergency. Stayfree is worse though.

I had an allergic reaction to a scented pad, they put so much scented oils on it it smelt like I sprayed perfume on it, it burned so bad, never wore a pad again after that. I go for tampon these days.

pads always give me rashes. I wish we have other options, but sadly, I live in a very patriarchal society.

In the summer, I swear pads give me something like diaper rash on my perineum. Changing them every couple of hours doesn't make much difference, and it's nothing to do with blood flow - the area is damp because it's covered with (essentially) unbreatheable plastic. I use cloth when I can, but it's a lot of hassle/mess when travelling :(

YH I never understood why they have scented pads and tampons .

I had no idea they still made those things. I think I bought scented one time by mistake, and it was horrible. Playtex was always the cheesy company that only made plastic applicators—I can’t believe we used to flush those things down the toilet.

Nasty eyewatering scents piss me right off. They have the plug-Ins in the bathrooms where I work, and I gag a little every time I open the door. If there is a lingering smell in the air, it doesn’t mask it, you’re only smelling farts plus fake tropical fruit. Same with menstrual blood, in the unlikely event of being able to smell it.