I’m a married woman with about as healthy of a sex life as you can have. We thought it would be fun to see what was in there. Just disembodied body parts and pornsick contraptions. Makes me so sad and depressed that men, who most women are attracted to, hate us so fucking much and their entire sexuality is predicated on that hatred. What a miserable timeline.

I’m a married woman with about as healthy of a sex life as you can have. We thought it would be fun to see what was in there. Just disembodied body parts and pornsick contraptions. Makes me so sad and depressed that men, who most women are attracted to, hate us so fucking much and their entire sexuality is predicated on that hatred. What a miserable timeline.


went to a sex shop one time.. to cop meth from the grimey clerk. oh the places addiction will take you.

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I worked at a sex shop. It was mostly catered to gay men. One man I worked with was a terrible incel like dude and eventually I went to an overnight shift so I didn't have to deal with him. Oddly enough the problems with overnight were homeless dudes we had to chase out.

What made the place depressing I'd say was the selling of poppers and abuse of pills and drugs. Gay men seem to live like there is no purpose other than degerancy that eventually results in death.

This shop was old, kinda seedy, but I never felt in any danger besides with the daytime incel who didn't know how to not piss people off. It was werid cause I was well liked, especially by women who would venture in and couples, men were usually the uptight ones and the women putting in efforts to spice things up.

There was an unstable trans on staff and a super nice old school trans on staff who eventually left for a better job.

I would totally start my own shop, somewhere between the new and old. Sometimes the activism gets in the way of pleasure and sometimes the seeking of pleasure leads to a big disregard of people.

Also no one buys condoms most of the time. I know more about lube and sex toy materials than any person should. And holy hell the things men like to stick in their bodies is truly absurd.

I passed a sex shop on my way to school everyday and they would decorate their storefronts (I guess... Seasonally?). One time, they had a lot of "sexy uniforms" on display and ever since I have been wondering about it. Like - at what point do you put it on? Do you plan out an evening in a sexy nurse uniform in advance, giving you time to squeeze into it or do you excuse yourself while already being all hot and bothered? Would that not kill the mood? The whole concept of "roleplay', especially if it involves props, seems strange to me.

I've only bought sex toys online. Are real-life stores that bad? I guess it's too much to hope that fetish stuff would be relegated to its own section.

I never understood why those even exist. You have a perfectly good pair of hands!

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Hands are nice but my hands don't have sonic waves. I bought one online only, though, never wanted to go into a store cause I figured they were all either seed or woke/queer (if run by women), or both.

i've got film of myself going into one asking innocently if i can watch cartoons in the private booth. the clerk understood it was a joke and played along for my brother and i while we filmed our little comedy skit. we were having a good giggle when some huge monster man came barreling down the aisle screaming at me to GET OUT OF HERE GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. i laughed at him, thanked the clerk and turned to leave. he chased me and my brother into the parking lot but when we offered to throw hands, he got really timid and sulked off. the clerk came out and asked if we were okay. it was pretty funny.

my brother said, "dudebro, we'll, like, fight you if you really want, but don't be mad at us cuz ur a gross pervert, uhhkay."

that sentence will make more sense if you pretend you're hearing it from the lumpy space princess from adventure time. yes, my brother actually talks like that.

I've never been in one because I don't need to dress up as a maid and my hand works fine... but where are yall finding these clean women-run ones yall are talking about?

There's decent sex shops, but they're generally sex _toy _ shops. You'll be able to tell with the decent window displays and pastel colours.

I also just find them so so boring? Like some people wear kink as a personality trait for their lack of meaningful sex and meaning in their life

Exactly this . I've been into way too many of them in my time and to be honest the formula was really boring after the initial teenage thrill of being rebellious.

I literally had a pink-haired new coworker for NO REASON blurt out that she had a sex dungeon yesterday. I looked at her in disgust and turned away. Why the fuck would you bring that up to a complete stranger when we weren't even fucking talking about it? It was just smalltalk. Disgusting.

That is EXACTLY how I felt. Sex is just something you do to someone else and you need a bunch of shit to have a good time because you do not give a flying fuck about the other human being(s) involved/actively hate her/them.

I like high-tech sex shops that focus on new technologies, interesting toys, vibrators designed for women's anatomy. Those are usually clean, bright and welcoming, more like Apple stores than brothels

Where does one even find one of these? All the ones in my city are sleazy as hell and one even has a full huge banner that just says "FETISH".

The first and last time I went to one, went with a female friend, both early 20s. Seedier edge of the upscale part of town. Went in, and it was both gross and underwhelming. The smirking dude at the counter pointed us to the door next door to knock on, said they had more, like it was a back room. We were young and naive and dumb and did it, and a prostituted woman with a black eye and a split lip opened the door and shooed us away quickly. She seemed terrified. At the time, we thought that guy had just played a profoundly nasty joke on us, and she was afraid of being seen by her pimp talking to people who clearly weren't clients. In retrospect, I wonder if he wasn't 'fishing' for a trafficker and she was scared on our behalf; if she didn't save us from that by getting us to leave before her traffickers saw us and got us inside. Think of her a lot. I hope she escaped. I hope she's got some kind of chance of living the kind of life that would bring her some happiness. I hope she's alive. The odds aren't good on any of those things.

You should see if that shop is still open and report them to the local police.

Nothing may come of it, but if that’s still going on there you may end up helping someone.

Unfortunately it was over a decade ago, and the most likely outcome to this day is still that the women would be arrested, not the men involved, and would have a criminal record for prostitution making it even harder for them to support themselves any other way; hell, even with cops specializing in trafficking rings, they tend to limit their scope to underage kids. Cops don't save women from prostitution. Best bet would be if an expert in helping trafficked women escape got in touch with the women covertly to see if they wanted help leaving.

No offense, but why didn’t you report this... :(

Reporting prostitution to the cops overwhelmingly just ends up with the women going to jail, if anything; pimps, traffickers, johns are much, much less punished. It doesn't help them escape it, just traps them in it even more if anything, because then they have a criminal record for prostitution following around when they're trying to get a normal job.

But she’s a trafficking victim...

I see what you’re saying though. I still would’ve reported it. I mean FFS, she had a black eye and probably other injuries.

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