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Ok, then every time a man ejaculates he's commiting homicide. Criminalize masturbation and porn as well. No I am not joking.

Women really do need to start rioting. Fuck protests, go break shit. Women aren't slaves, if they want to act like it then we can tear the world they've built down.

That way, they claim, the lives of mothers could still be saved as long as doctors make an equal attempt to save the fetus.

Gunter, meanwhile, said he disagrees with the medical establishment and does not believe abortion is ever medically necessary.

What kind of stupid ass, dumb fuck, dick brained, taint weasels are running this country. How are they missing the fact that if the mother dies the fetus is dead anyways? And how does this arrogant fuckwit have the gall to say he thinks doctors are wrong about abortion being medically necessary. Dick-for-brains needs to sit down and shut up. Also, we need to bring back the "no uterus no opinion" signs at protests.

Weird how the article uses the word “women” several times but then also says “pregnant people.” Ugh

Some people aren't woke per se but absorb woke terms as synonyms for normal words/terms. I get the feeling they don't know or care how loaded these phrases can be.