Love the scenes of the brave women and men in Iran right now. It seems like almost the only positive political development I've heard of anywhere in years; I hope it doesn't backfire horribly on them all in the way you might expect of 2022.

Meanwhile, watching this guy get what's coming to him is heartening.

I don’t follow the politics in Iran so for me this has come out of nowhere but I get the same hopeful feeling when I see the videos of Iranians coming together, both women and men, to say no more. I guess that’s what revolution looks like, to a young adult in the US who’s never seen an uprising like that here.

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If you are interested in some background to the politics of Iran for women, there is a graphic novel written by an Iranian woman, Marjane Satrapi, called Persepolis you might enjoy. It shows what it was like for Iranian women in the 1970s, when they were rather free, and after the radical government began taking over.

It is timely for a young person here in the US, as something similar could very easily happen here. History echoes, if it doesn't repeat.

Link to an archive site free pdf

Are Iranian men FINALLY sticking up for their women? About God damn time...American men, take the fucking hint!

I’ve seen videos of the hijab burnings and I’ve see men in the crowd cheering them on.

It’s really, really easy to sink into that mentality that men are all awful and horrible when it’s something we’re surrounded by constantly. Getting to see men that are actively helping and aware helps a lot.

This is why the men in places like Afghanistan are especially despicable. Honestly, it’s annoying to admit, but women need good men to decide to stand up for us. Nothing would have happen to that piece of shit morality police guy if it weren’t for the other men intervening. He’s probably abused hundreds of women before then.

Yes I am glad that they are finally doing something after how many decades of letting their women suffer and doing absolutely nothing about it....

THE BAR IS SO LOW. These men are angels because they beat the shit out of a guy who slapped a woman 🥺 not like men will use any excuse in the book to flick their violent switch...

I think a lot of the men standing up for women at the protests are younger men (the ones I've seen in the protest videos at least), so they are 'coming into their own' so to speak. One can't totally blame men in their 20s for not standing up against their government in previous decades when they were still children and/or teenagers....

It’s really, really easy to sink into that mentality that men are all awful and horrible

Yeah no even though this video warms my heart I still think men are horrible and awful. If you think these men aren't watching hardcore porn at home you're delusional. To be frank a lot of men also jump onto these causes just as an excuse to be violent. They're doing some good here but that doesn't mean they aren't "horrible" and "awful." The bar is so low.

This is not the only video of men defending women. There are videos at the protests of men standing in circle around women while they are burning their veils. And men who have taken bullets/pellets from the police while standing in front of the women at the protests. So while I do agree that some men no doubt just intervene as an excuse to be violent, there are some who seem to be genuinely behaving defensively, too.

their women

Women don't belong to men.

I think it's obvious I meant their wives mothers girlfriends sisters Etc

To anyone not nit picking every bit of other people's wording, it is. Don't worry.

My favorite part of that video is the group of women behind the men yelling and trying to get their shots in.

Refreshing ❤️ hope this brings some permanent good changes for women in Iran.

Goddamn I never thought I would be a fan of Iranian men. I'm happy to experience something new.

That is so fantastic.

Was the guy on the motorcycle literally a morality cop, or just like a self-declared one?

Either way wonderful response. Just curious what the facts are and how we know.

Reminds me of that scene from V for Vendetta where The fingerman shoots the little girl and the community retaliates immediately

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