Who on earth is insane enough to actually travel there?

It's been known for years that Dubai punishes women for reporting rape, so yeah, no big surprise that Qatar is no better.

When will women stop travelling to those countries and giving them money?

I agree i don't why anybody especially women want to go to country with horrible human rights violations unless you're originally from there and have family members that you need to visit. Don't some countries banned citizens from visiting certain countries for their safety like south korea does to North Korea south koreans aren't allowed to visit the country unless they work in government or high profile events at least that's what I read. Honestly I think certain countries should be banned from from travel and tourist destinations. Like no one except military and government should be allowed in countries like that. Like I'm talking about being banned from going there not leaving there.

God, this is going to be such a shit show. I wouldn't be surprised if people talk about the atrocious human rights violations more than they talk about the actual matches.

I really do hope people talk about the human rights violations and not the matches. I will not watch or talk about players or matches, I refuse to recognize this world cup.

I think they most certainly will, it's too messy and frankly should have never been approved to be hosted in Qatar or any Islamic state for that matter. 20 year old me would be mad at this opinion lol. But until we get our shit together then we don't deserve it IMO.

I think the bigger question here is why is the World Cup being hosted in a country that abuses women this way? Can’t global sport organizations say no to such venues for the sake of their female athletes? Of course the way things are going it’s all going to be male athletes within the decade and they have coin tosses to see what gender the men play in on the day of the event.