Where does he get off thinking he gets to order women not only under his rule but everywhere else to wear a headscarf as well? 🖕

This is obviously a stunt for both parties. Christiane Amanpour knew (having grown up in Iran and interviewed Iranian leaders in the past) that the Iranian delegation would require her to wear a hijab, even in the United States. Her refusal to should obviously be commended, but she's acting more of an activist than as a journalist. If she knew the interview would be useful, she would've acceded to their demands so she could get the story. However, anyone who knows anything about Iranian leaders knows that they say the same nonsense in every interview, making the interview useless. There were never going to be agreeable terms on which this interview was held.

By canceling the interview, Christiane Amanpour gets to look like a feminist icon, CNN gets to look like it's advocating for their journalists, and the Iranian president gets to bleat on about infidels and biased Western media.

It's still an important move to show solidarity with the women in Iran who are protesting, imo.

ETA: She said it had never before been a requirement to wear a head covering in interviews with Iranian leaders OUTSIDE of Iran. This interview was taking place in the US. It would therefore have been a huge slap in the face to women in Iran who are protesting at this present moment if the interview had gone ahead and she'd been shown wearing a headscarf.

Yes, but I’ve seen her wear hijab on many occasions in Muslim countries so she kind of picks and chooses when to “protest.”

I just edited my post to explain why it's not necessarily a pick and choose in this instance.

It does not bode well for the women of Iran that the President is unwilling to be seen with a uncovered woman. It signals that he sees any sign of sympathy for these protesters as political suicide. I guess that makes sense too, given how ugly the confrontations with burqa police have been.

These included the introduction of surveillance cameras to monitor and fine unveiled women or refer them for "counselling", and a mandatory prison sentence for any Iranian who questioned or posted content against the hijab (headscarf) rules online.

God I hate men. Gotta reeducate any uppity women who think they should be free to walk around without a head covering.