Enough with the wife and mother shit Jesus Christ. there's like a billion things in this world that you could be and they keep harping on about the wife and mother thing. Do they ever stop and realize how many women just should NOT be mothers? A large percentage of the women who do become mothers should NEVER be around children as it is. And now you want every woman to be a wife and mother? Can men just give it a rest already

Dude should take a look in the mirror. If we did things exactly the way the founding fathers did, he wouldn't be allowed to vote either let alone run for office.

The black liberation movement has a real misogyny problem, and if you believe in the efficacy of efforts like COINTELPRO it's at least partially by design. Make the definition of black men's liberation coincident with the ability to subjugate women as white men have traditionally done, and you get bloated asshole like this guy who are just ready to tow the while male supremacist line in the public sphere and be the cats-paw to say all the shit that the white dudes want to say but won't.

So gross. And I'm also deeply embarrassed for him.

I'm glad these asswipes feel emboldened to say the quiet part out loud, because we deserve to know who they really are before casting our votes.

This guy's opinion is hilarious. It's mostly been men who've governed the entire world for millennia. And that's worked out SO FUCKING WELL HASN'T IT

Entire Democratic Party Agued Against Women's Material Existence.