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It’s just so sad

I have a friend who survived the revolution

She said the women were right there in the streets helping and protesting, etc

The hijab was their act of defiance against oppressive and exploitative western influences.

They never expected it would just be the yoke of their new (old?) oppressors.

If western influence means more rights for women, that's a good thing.

Just heartbreaking.

“This is a 40-year war between the Islamic Republic and women,” Farzad Seifikaran, a journalist and editor at RadioZamaneh tells me to put the current uprising in perspective. “The concept of hijab in Iran is not only covering the body and wearing a scarf, but also it means controlling the woman’s body and eliminating them in various social and political arenas. The government of Iran wants women to be only at home and to control them with childbearing and housework because it considers women to be only tools in the service of men. In all these years, we have witnessed open violence against women. They were imprisoned, whipped and even killed under the pretext of hijab. Mahsa Amini is just one of countless Iranian women victims of the compulsory hijab policy.”