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Over the last decade or so, Mitinori Saitou, a developmental biologist at Kyoto University, has led and participated in the most groundbreaking research in the field of in vitro gametogenesis, as the creation of artificial egg and sperm cells in the lab is formally known. Much of the work relies on a Nobel Prize–winning technique developed in 2006 that allows scientists to turn adult cells into stem cells, which can form pretty much any specialized cell in the body: heart cell, liver cell, brain cell—you name it. The trick is working out how to encourage the stem cells to form egg or sperm cells.

In mice, placing stem cells in a petri dish alongside cells taken from mouse embryos seems to work—the cells first turn into primitive precursor cells, which then eventually develop into egg cells. These eggs can even be fertilized with sperm to generate embryos.

Back in 2012, Saitou, Katsuhiko Hayashi, and their colleagues were the first to use this approach to create primitive mouse egg cells in the laboratory; in 2016 the team generated mature egg cells. Some of the stem cells the team used were taken from mouse embryos, but others were created using cells from the animals’ tails

I am so, so, so delighted to learn this is proving to be almost impossible to achieve . . .

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It's like watching them chase the holy grail of uterus implantation in men and utterly failing to get anywhere close to achieving that because their bodies haven't got room for one. Even if if they succeeded in the transplant, the man would still be unable to successfully bring a child into the world with one. It doesn't just require a uterus, or just require room for a uterus. It requires a whole human female to do it.