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Portillo said that while she was wearing pigtails in the strip club, a man asked her for a private dance and told her the hairstyle reminded him of his “little niece."

“At this point, it’s been sexualized so much that I wouldn’t call it a little girl’s hairstyle anymore,” Portillo said.

Girl that's WHY it's sexualized so much, how tf can you not see that? Barf.

Portillo said that while she was wearing pigtails in the strip club, a man asked her for a private dance and told her the hairstyle reminded him of his “little niece."


“If changing my hair up is going to affect that in a positive way, then it’s something I’m going to give a shot.”

Positive for you. YOU are the one making money off of men that you know use you as a proxy. YOU are not drawing awareness to an issue, you are taking advantage of it. You’re nauseating.

When I got offstage a few [men] came up to me and said: 'I love your hair. Let's get a dance.' They wanted me for the rest of the night because I had little braids," she said. "It's definitely unsettling."

Yeah, it is.

Still, she said, she plans to try other types of pigtails to see whether they help her bring in even more tips.

And this is why I’m now as distrustful of women as I am of men when it comes to safeguarding kids against pedophilia. These women see it, understand the issue. But cannot fight the temptation to make money off of the situation.

i want to send men to the depths of hell just for sexualizing one of my dream hairstyles as a kid. men are just so gross, I've never seen a woman be as vile and perverted as men are

Same energy as a recent discussion here where a lot of women were defending wearing make up. It might get you a few extra tips here and there but giving into this kind of stuff be it pigtails or make up hurts all women in the long run.

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I’m really pissed because I’ve only just worked out how to do French braids on my own hair

They’re actually really good for your hair. When I worked in a hospital we used to even tie elderly ladies long hair into braided “pigtails” because it stopped their hair getting damaged if they were bedbound and it’s popular on little girls because it keeps their hair off their face and stops it getting knotted.

But of course. Men associate it with children and it gets them off. Fucking foul

The last time I wore pigtails I was walking to train to go see a show. I felt like I was rocking my long pigtail braids with baseball hat. Some man walking by with his girlfriend says, "Isn't she too old for pigtails". I was walking with my partner and he just could not believe the dude said it so loud. I froze. Yeah I wished I didn't wear pigtail braids for second. But partner said to stop, turn around and look at that tool and who he's with-they mainstream--you look great. And that was my experience wearing pigtails. Now I'm back to rocking the single back braid that sometimes falls over the shoulder. Sometimes I tie something to dangle off the end like a feather bunch, tie ribbon, flower.

Interestingly, I don't see little girls wearing these hairstyles much anymore. They tend to wear it down, pulled into a half-ponytail, or in a regular ponytail.

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Pretty much anything that hints to men sex or access to sex will open their wallets. They’re not complicated creatures