“If changing my hair up is going to affect that in a positive way, then it’s something I’m going to give a shot.”

Positive for you. YOU are the one making money off of men that you know use you as a proxy. YOU are not drawing awareness to an issue, you are taking advantage of it. You’re nauseating.

When I got offstage a few [men] came up to me and said: 'I love your hair. Let's get a dance.' They wanted me for the rest of the night because I had little braids," she said. "It's definitely unsettling."

Yeah, it is.

Still, she said, she plans to try other types of pigtails to see whether they help her bring in even more tips.

And this is why I’m now as distrustful of women as I am of men when it comes to safeguarding kids against pedophilia. These women see it, understand the issue. But cannot fight the temptation to make money off of the situation.