"THE next time you’re in a crowded place — a pub perhaps or a train coming home from work — you might want to imagine what it would be like to have to have some form of sexual intimacy with each man you can see. Oral sex? A hand job? “Penis in vagina” sex? What about anal? ..."

This makes me want to throw up, thank you!

Recently got a "if the women want to do it" crap from my brother and was ready to stand on my soapbox. This crap makes me angry and offended..even waitresses at Hooters are exploited.

Once you peel back the curtain you see women are just groomed and abused and they didn't ask for it. Because if one considers that women in fact, DON'T like being groped and forced to do shit then one has to deal with the unsettling realization that in fact, she DOESN'T like it...and doesn't want it... Sorry for ranting, I hate this "sex industry" so much...I hate it...