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The article doesn't spell this out, but that woman's story is fairly typical of the victims of "grooming gangs." They are still being failed. This is so upsetting.

I'm not sure why Sky don't spell it out so that people can put this story in that context. Are they afraid people will write it off as old news, or are they still trying to sweep the racial aspect under the carpet?

Why does it take almost two years to recognize a woman or girl as a victim? She should be safe on day one of reaching out for help. Police don't really want to stop prostitution and trafficking of women and girls. Seems it's a crime in name only, just like rape and sexual assault. Male violence against women is never taken seriously.

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The police are availing themselves of what the pimps have provided

My suspicions too. Remember Rose and Fred West? They were running a brothel of sorts that the police used to frequent, so all those dead girls and women's deaths were never really investigated.

How can we help these women? Are there any organizations we can help to fund?