Forget the judge for a second, what kind of a man is this guy that he would put his wife of 25 years and mother of his two children through this? I see why she filed for divorce from this guy

Someone who would abuse the legal system for petty vengeance, just like so many other ex-husbands do.

That is so fucked up. Even if he doesn't give a shit about his ex wife, he should at least care that this is humiliating as hell for his children. But, because he's a scrote, he's willing to traumatize his kids and torpedo his relationship with them just to hurt the mother

No. Just... no. She should lie and say it was burned.

She should tell the TRUTH and say it was burned. 🔥🔥🔥

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Oh no whoops it fell down behind the washing machine and got soaked and is now covered in toxic mould oh well better destroy it sorry Exie

Did you read the article? She's planning to burn them

Yeah after she's handed over a copy to him. Burn it now. Appeal.

In December when she legally can.

Honestly if I were her I’d give the courts a big middle finger and burn the book now fuck those pricks.

Fuck men and that judge. Men don't own women, we own ourselves.

I'm afraid he will take those images and leak to them to a porn site. How can a judge be that stupid to even allow this it's not like it's anything valuable like a Rolex watch. If he wanted memories why not use their normal family album better yet he has a phone he should have photos saved there over the years

Supposedly the judge ordered that her body is edited out but the originals photographer refused to alter the photos

The original photographer said she would when she heard what was going on.

Not only has he ordered the photos to be handed over to the husband, he's requiring her to give them to a third party first.

This is enraging and insanely violating.

Their kids are going to grow up and want nothing to do with him, and he'll have done that to himself (although I'm sure he's going to blame her far and wide over it).

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I hope she burns it (before handing it over) in protest. What the hell can the judge do then without it blowing up in his face? This is extreme by Utah standards, if it caught a lot of attention/press (edit: locally, not in British tabloids) he would be screwed.

Hold up. If naked pictures can be a bonafide marital gift that one party has rights over, surely his penis was a bon(er)fide marital gift, and thus subject to the same dispute.

I'd agree and just block everything out with a sharpie. The judge didn't specify what condition the photos needed to be in.

She has to hand her nude photos to a third party to edit them and was ordered to hold onto the book until December in case her ex husband objects to the edits.

Apparently the original photographer has agreed to do the edits after finding out about the judge's insane order. I wonder who is having to pay for the photographer to do this. And of course he's going to object to the edits, at the last possible minute, because this is abuse being enabled by the judge.

I would definitely just set fire to the thing and defy the judge to jail me.

What kinds of criminal charges do you get for distributing pornographic materials without consent, the judge should get those.

I would be burning those pictures and accept the jailtime.

She's planning on burning them. And I doubt she's going to jail

I mean that I would do that and defy the order to turn those pictures over to any party. She says she is going to burn them after December and it's not said but strongly implies that she will be following the court order to turn the pictures over for editing.

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