I am so freaking sick of this "feminine and masculine energy" bullshit. It's just yet another way to push girls into accepting harmful traditional traditional gender roles

Thank you for saying it! There is no such thing as "feminine" or "masculine" energy; it is a spiritual belief.

TIL that "bimbocore" is a thing.

I can't imagine playing down my own intelligence for the sake of a man's ego (or whatever is happening here). This is just bizarre.

This behavior/attitude is not limited to Gen Z women. I've witnessed women who think/act like this from multiple generations, young and old. I'm not insightful enough to know why these women act like this though. I don't get it.

I think it was Bertrand Russel who said “Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do.”

This bimbofication shit is gross. The amount of “bimbo tiktokers” is astounding.

Their boyfriends are the ones they need to be aware of. These girls have no clue what boys are capable of.

How is dependency so ingrained in these women. Like pleeeease I am begging you, have some self-respect.

Some of the replies on twitter make me wanna move to Mars bc earth is fucked y'all

These are just female MRAs. Also, men (unless they’re young and/or dumb) do not find this behavior attractive.