There's something about the male psyche that I really just don't understand. An inherent deficiency, almost. When a woman can't get sex or harbors anger towards men, all she does is invest in a vibrator and maybe vent to a friend about how men suck. But when a man harbors anger towards women, it's as if any and all forms of human thought are lost.

I agree and think about this a lot. There's something inherently wrong with their brains.

One positive benefit of social media is the language

‘Nice guys’


So important to have these words.

I had men who made me nervous and would get the male “oh, he is harmless’ brush off. So infuriating

‘Nice guys finish last’ who says you are so nice? Women who can’t think of anything else to say about you?

“Give him a chance”. Why? Why is he allowed to care about my looks? He knows nothing else about me. But I can’t say no for lack of attraction

They don’t even see us as people. Just some breed of dog they can discuss temperament.

My beautiful cousin was out one night w her friends. Had a boyfriend and just wanted to spend time w her friends. None of these guys were going to spend rheir time making women they don’t want feel good, why is it her job. Guy started bothering her and she tried to be nice. She didn’t feel like she owed him an explanation about her ‘belonging’ to someone.

One irate scrote starts with the “you don’t know a nice guy when you see one. You probably just go for assholes. You gotta learn to give nice guys a chance too, ya know”

Shr just answered with “no, but I know an ugly guy when I see one”

He called her a bitch and she asked “why do you always go for bitches? You wouldn’t know a nice girl when you see one. You gotta give them a chance too, ya know”

He didn’t like that but I loved her even more than before

He called her a bitch and she asked “why do you always go for bitches? You wouldn’t know a nice girl when you see one. You gotta give them a chance too, ya know”

Smart and witty, your cousin sounds awesome!

I’m just jealous she thinks of it at the time, not a week later like I do

Figures the DOJ has incels classified as men who "harbor anger" towards women, not a hate group, when incel rhetoric rivals (and sometimes surpasses) those of other acknowledged hate groups, they just say it with angry little boners. The only thing that stops them short of advocating a complete genocide of us is they feel entitled to use us as sex slaves, but that doesn't stop them from producing a shocking number of mass murderers and would-be mass murderers who think a 'no' warrants a bullet and want to terrorize us into a 'yes.'

Because mass murdering women so that men outnumber them is a great way to ensure that low quality males can find a woman. 🙄

I know these guys are motivated by hatred and not by critical thought, and that women would not want them whether alive or dead, but still.

There's something absolutely terrifying about being a woman in college during these times. Yes, women are now more respected in academia than ever (and still have a long way to go), but rape and catcalling are through the roof. I've been followed home before, groped, publicly and loudly told exactly what various pornsick men would like to do to me, and even doxxed and sent rape threats. Every woman I know carries at least 2 self defense devices on them at all times while the men go on their ignorant way. That means something. Now I also have to worry about incel mass shooters who hate me for simply existing too. How wonderful. I'd carry a gun if I could, but my mental health renders it unsafe for me in the meantime, so I guess I could go for a tazer.