Conservatives, for whatever reason, tend to have their daughters in sports. Even in religious households where girls can’t wear pants in public they still play sports.

Thing is, sports, seeing your body as something other than ornamental is one of the best antidotes to the type of internalized misogyny that leads to trans.

Romney is what we once called moderate Republicans. They don’t really exist anymore. Of course on the big ones like abortion, he’s right on the Republican bandwagon. He’s devoutly Mormon.

Conservatives, for whatever reason, tend to have their daughters in sports.

There's no sinister reason behind it. Sports teaches kids meritocracy, competitiveness, how to lose gracefully, and you can get a scholarship out of it if you work hard enough. Its no wonder conservative families are so into it

Oh didn’t think it was anything sinister. Just interesting that despite be all about gender roles conservatives are more likely to have their daughters in sports. Your explanation makes sense. A lot liberals are dismissive toward sports and don’t realize how crucial it is to some people. In the States at least sports will be a firewall against the trans juggernaut.

I think it has something to do with the intersection btw Christian and Southern identity. They meet at the Puritan Work Ethic. If you're not sweating somehow, you're a waste of space.

And I know that Romney is not exactly feminist. I mean to highlight how much him looking like one shows how pathetic the rest of them are.

Some are predicting that there’s a split coming in the Republican Party. I don’t know if it will happen, but if there’s a branch of Republicans that goes back to some of the standard conservative values while dropping all the religion, guns and abortion rhetoric it could seriously hurt the Democrats. A lot of women are only with the Democrats because of abortion. If this new party became openly pro-woman especially around trans and pay equity they could kick the shit out of the Democrats in 2024 if not 2022. Again, I doubt this will happen, but these type realignments have happened before.

Serious question, how can they be pro-woman and remain standard conservatives?

And what does standard conservative values mean to you, if it’s not religion, hunting culture and controlling women? I have always found these things go hand in hand which is why, despite being married with kids, I have always voted Democrat.

Honestly abortion is already a lost cause on a national level. It's just a matter of time. It'll be off the table soon, and it makes moderate Republicans a lot more appealing to me. I just wish ANYONE gave a shit about income inequality at all, but the only person who ever tries to do anything about it or Wall Street is Warren. We see how well that worked out.

We’ve definitely lost the battle for the national level abortion protections. It’s a matter of time before some states have complete bans.

Romney is good he has the guts to speak up. I wrote to him recently because of the gender questions he posed at the education secretary hearing.

Good on you! I missed that, was it about the girls' sports question?

Yeah. I think it was under o/activism here. Him and Rand Paul made their views clear that they don't believe MtFs should compete against girls and women.

I actually might vote for him if he ran for president again, and I feel really bad saying that. He's the new John McCain, but better. Democrats are starting to really piss me off with the gender crap, and they appear to have no plans to do anything about income inequality right now. That's so fucked up, I can't even.

I already decided I would. I think that if he got into office and enough people came to him with "this is what will realistically happen if you ban abortion," he might back off on that somewhat. I doubt we're going to lose any more justices anytime soon from SCOTUS anyway.

I mean the abortion ship has already sailed. It's just a matter of time before it's banned in several states. Nothing to be done unless we add more seats to SCOTUS.

The Overton window is real. Romney is shit to the bone, but he concedes that it costs money to raise children and would consider to rude to use the word cunt so he's in the top 20% of congress. Jesus.

It's been the strangest thing, watching Mitt Romney go against his own party. Back in 2012, he just seemed like a politician who would say anything to get elected. I would not have picked him as the Republican most likely to vote to impeach. I couldn't see him forcing corporations to pay taxes, but if he were elected, I think there's a decent chance he would work to improve healthcare access.

Romney is a surprisingly decent dude considering he's a politician. I think he genuinely cares about doing the right thing even when it makes other Republicans hate him.

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when all you have to do to look like a hero is have integrity?

He has a history of doing this in Massachusetts.

Of improving heathcare access? It was pretty funny to watch him criticize Obamacare when it was basically the same model as Massachusetts' plan.

Remember when Romney was ridiculed for going above and beyond to find women to hire? Because he should just hire the women in his circles that he already knows and then he will naturally hire a lot of women? And how well that philosophy worked in practice for everyone else, while fully half of Romney's senior policy appointees were women? I do!


I was thinking about that last night! He was trying, but all anyone seemed to hear was the poor word choice. It’s the kind of thing that gives me a bit of sympathy for those who just sit out politics - So shallow.

I never saw this article and that’s actually possibly promising considering it’s clear he’s a possibility in 2024.

I doubt it, he said before he was done running for president. We shall see though!

A lot of Mormon Republicans seem more principled than regular Christian Republicans, for whatever reason. I don't know much about the religion, but it appears that standing up for their actual values matters more to them than playing the political game.

At a guess, their faith community actually provides them the kind of psychological buttressing it’s supposed to, as opposed to mainstream Christianity which, at least in this country, is almost as uncomfortable for the believers as for the rest of us.

ETA I would be fascinated to learn how they managed that from their origins.

He was a good governor for Massachusetts. He was behind the plan that later became known as Obama care.