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God, I just had to sit through listening to an overweight woman talk about how life changing OnlyFans has been for her. Apparently, at 35 years old, she at long last feels beautiful now that she has men paying her to see her get naked. Finally getting the male approval that's eluded her all her life due to being large.

I mean come on, are we really going to cut off a grown woman from the happiness of finally being masturbation fodder for greasy scrotes just because the platform exploits some kids? Have empathy for the upper-class women of America who are finally feeling hot for the first time in their lives! /s

She's a white liberal who whines a lot about white, rich girl feminism. Apparently, she does not possess a mirror.

That's very sad. She'll feel differently when her "fans" (who probably call her horrible things behind her back) become bored with her and move on to the next nude female body they wish to consume as their wank material.

Or she'll second guess her discomfort when they offer money to do more and more degrading things on camera.

There should be a law that no website/platform can remain online if there is even one piece of child porn found on the site. It boggles my mind that companies can get away with saying, "oh it's just too hard to police this." Ok, if you can't ensure that no children get exploited in your money making endeavor, then you shouldnt be allowed to make money from your platform.

Easily abused, unfortunately. One of the reasons why Reddit is the way it is now is that groups like AgainstHateSubreddits will perform hostile takeovers of subreddits by spamming them with CSAM and using that to 'prove' the moderation is unfit and needs to be replaced.

Bad idea tbh, what if some TRA manages to sneak a link here?

I stand by my position. It should be the website's responsibility to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Preddit will be the first to go. All those websites are a cancer anyways. I'm so sick and tired of how children get dragged into all the failures of adults and have to suffer double the consequences.

Where there’s porn or so called “sex work” there’s child exploitation.

I hope they shut it down but I know the “sex workers” will cry about it if they do.

Slightly related to this. There is a celebrity gossip site called Tattle which I browse for information about celebrities and their alleged predatory or obnoxious behaviour.

The users are very quick to quite rightly criticise any racism or homophobia, but are quite happy to indulge in misogyny, by promoting revenge pornography.

In the Secret celebrity gossip thread there are often posts encouraging people to internet search, view, and mock nude photos of celebrities (overwhelmingly female) that have been leaked online, i.e. nude photos that were posted online without the consent of the celebrity.

Is this not promoting revenge pornography? Just because a celebrity has had the poor judgement to believe that their photos will be kept private between themselves and their partner - do they deserve contempt, mockery, humiliation and invasion of privacy?

This mocking of celebrities leaked nude photos encourages the attitude that revenge pornography is acceptable, regardless of who the victim is, celebrity or non-celebrity. It is victim blaming, body shaming, and 'slut shaming'. It is also a fact that some women and girls are coerced into taking nude pictures as a form of domestic violence.

By encouraging looking at leaked nude photos they are encouraging a culture that does not give a damn about consent, and victim blames the (usually) female for being the subject of a nude photo. They are essentially encouraging rape culture, where some females are 'fair game' to be exploited and abused.

And it doesn't just stop with photos that somone has (supposedly) willingly taken that has been leaked without their consent. It's adjacent to behaviours such as secretly taking nude photos of females whilst they are asleep, or drugged, or with hidden cameras in bathrooms etc. I can't believe how many women are happy to violate the privacy of other females, and laugh and sneer at them, when this violation of privacy is often the cause of much distress.

It also promotes men and boys thinking that revenge porn behaviour is okay, and that it is okay to treat some women with disrespect. And some men and boys will extend this disrespect to underage girls too.

Just because some women and girls are naive and stupid and think that their boyfriend won't leak their photos does not mean that they deserve to be humiliated.