This is Handmaid’s Tale stuff, women making a “choice” that isn’t really a choice when the only other option is to watch their children suffer in poverty.

They are getting ripped off, lied to by these “clients” and agencies, and their health is being severely jeopardized.

Would “choice feminism” celebrate this, as they do with sex work, or will they recognize the shameless exploitation of these women? Surrogacy, sex work, being a “mail order bride” to some abusive creep— these are not “choices” any woman wants to be forced into making.

You know, comparing surrogacy that exploits women in poverty to mail-order brides is apt. I never thought of it that way. Women are being exploited by men — and more depressingly, other, wealthier women — and most women have no provoke grasping why that’s wrong. How can you reconcile being against mail-order brides with being so gung-ho for surrogacy?!

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How can you reconcile being against mail-order brides with being so gung-ho for surrogacy?!

As an adoptee who has several other adopted family members, I’ve noticed throughout my life that so many people feel entitled to have a child that is biologically or somewhat biologically their own.

I understand that part of that urge is simply nature, but growing up in a family who values family regardless of blood relation, the extent that people will go to have blood related children when they’re unable to naturally seems very grotesque and selfish.

Just like marriage, having a child is not a right, it’s a privilege, and no one should have the right to pay to use the body of another.

Yes, extremely grotesque and selfish. A prime example right in this article is the nightmarish experience of the woman who carried twins for the couple in the US who ended up abandoning the babies in Mexico because they were born prematurely and had physical/cognitive issues!

So not only are they obsessed with making genetic copies of themselves, they will happily abandon those copies to foster care in a foreign country if they aren’t “perfect”! So much for having a “deep connection” with their bio children! Wtf!

And no thought was given to their surrogate who risked her life and was left riding a public bus while trying to recover from a c-section to fulfill her legal obligation to check on those babies every day in the hospital. All three of these human beings were expendable commodities for these “paying customers.”

I can only imagine the trauma of that experience— poor woman and poor babies. Unbelievable! It’s unclear if she was ever even paid either.

My family has a lot of adoption, including my mother, so maybe it’s more normalized for me, but I cannot imagine seeing a biological child as “better” or more preferred than an adopted one. Hell, I raised my stepson from infancy and he is 100% my child (and he has the mouth to prove it 🤪).

I hear a lot of women defend their position with “well adoption is expensive and difficult.” Surrogacy is way more expensive, but you get to pass the difficultly off onto the woman rented uterus, so I guess that’s not a factor for them.

I have zero understanding of this. It makes no logical sense. I get that we’re technically animals but we’re supposed to rise above that and try to use our advanced brains.

Montalvo is one of a surging number of Mexican women signing up to become surrogates for Americans and Europeans desperate to have babies. Recent global events have fueled Mexico’s appeal: The Russian invasion led to the decline of Ukraine’s once-booming surrogacy industry, a growing number of middle-class Americans are seeking a cheaper surrogacy alternative, and a 2021 Mexican Supreme Court ruling struck down a state ban on foreigners and same-sex couples hiring surrogates.

So the war in Ukraine forced these agencies to stop exploiting Ukrainian women for a little while. And, instead of taking that as a sign that MAYBE international surrogacy is fucked up and wrong, they just moved to another disadvantaged country and exploited the women there!

This Industry is fucking vile

In the best of circumstances, international surrogacy is a win-win. Surrogates in Mexico stand to make between $10,000 and $15,000, a life-changing amount of money for many of them, although a pittance compared to the $50,000-$75,000 paid to surrogates in the U.S.

So just another group of racist Americans paying Mexicans a fraction of what they would pay an American. Because they view Mexicans as workhorses instead of people

While many surrogacy journeys end happily, horror stories have emerged: surrogates who received far less money than promised; intended parents cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars; and foreigners stranded in Mexico because they can’t get a passport for their baby.

I don't feel sorry for the baby buyers. For all the money they saved, they should have been able to hire an attorney and research the passport laws BEFORE the kid was born!!


The husband was right to fear this. The cartels are going to jump on this trend and it'll be a disaster!

The surrogate, who was carrying the babies for a couple living in the U.S., suffered complications when she was six months pregnant and had to undergo a C-section. One of the babies was born with serious cognitive deficits and physical impairments.

She was sent home on public transportation after the C-section, she said, adding that she visited the babies daily because hospital staff told her she’d be sued for desertion if she didn’t. As the birth mother, she was the twins’ legal guardian. Mexico’s child services agency eventually placed the twins with a foster family, but authorities still investigated her for abandonment. It’s unclear what happened to the intended parents from the U.S.

So, once again, innocent babies were abandoned for being disabled. And the buyers got away scott free while the birth mother and the babies were left behind to suffer the consequences

But Laura, 27, didn’t think to ask about whether she could have a vaginal delivery—she assumed that was the norm. It’s not: Most agencies in Mexico require surrogates to have a C-section, regardless of whether it’s medically necessary, so that the birth is fast and scheduled.


The women of Mexico have enough shit to deal with. They don't need the surrogacy vultures as well

Women are desperate in Mexico. They dont wanna be surrogates.The Pandemic didn't help, Violence and poverty seem inevitable.

I went to Mexico on a work trip years ago and it was heartbreaking. Mothers and super young kids were selling trinkets to tourists just to get by. And the Mexican guide said we shouldn't give them money because a lot of kids are forced out of school to help their mothers beg tourists for cash.

Women in Mexico are desperate. None of them WANT surrogacy. They only do it because it seems like easy money compared to their other options