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https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.military.com/daily-news/2021/02/19/marine-whose-misconduct-was-cited-viral-video-faces-administrative-separation-officials-say.html/amp The woman who spoke out against the way the marine corps handles rape and sexual assault is facing discharge for breaking conduct

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I was in the Army, and our culture was/is very similar to the Marines and I can guarantee you that I’d her video handy gone viral that garbage man would still be in uniform with no worries at all

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Ha. Footage of my bootcamp platoon was used in the opening video. Not shown was our DI’s warning upon graduating, “as female Marines you’ll be seen as one of two things, you have to choose between being a bitch or being a whore.” How fitting it’s now part of an article proving that exact thing to be true, several years later and still nothing has changed.

I’ve been following her story, including the bullying and victim blaming she’s gotten from being posted on various military accounts, it’s made me disgusted and angry on levels I can’t even describe.

Vanessa Guillen should have been the last wake up call, women literally cannot win in the military- it’s not possible. Take action and you’re punished, try to deal with it yourself and run the risk of ending up as another statistic. From what I’ve seen she’s not backing down and prepared to fight with all she’s got. Now that she’s gained the public’s attention and support, I hope and pray this one makes an impact and has a positive outcome.