By that I mean that she is hated as a woman by her political opponents. This is obvious. It's no different from Hillary hate. Where is any similar visceral, murderous hatred for the Democratic leader of the Senate? Can the Pelosi-haters even name him? I doubt it.

By that I mean that she is hated *as a woman* by her political opponents. This is obvious. It's no different from Hillary hate. Where is any similar visceral, murderous hatred for the Democratic leader of the Senate? Can the Pelosi-haters even name him? I doubt it.


The comments about Botox, calling her a witch, taking creepshots of her getting her hair done- it's all very gendered. The Right continually tells its base that she is rich, vain, cruel, hypocritical. And they rise to the bait.

I mean....she is a wealthy hypocrite. She lives in opulence while her former district (San Francisco) dissolved into a literal shit hole under her watch.

All those insults about botox and whatnot are clearly out of line. But let's not pretend that there aren't any legit things to criticize her about just because some right wingers are assholes.

Signed, Bitter Californian

Yeah like doesnt she and her husband basically make a ton if money off the stock market in ways the normies cannot? I wish the criticism aimed at her wrongdoings and not her sex. There is plenty I believe Pelosi is corrupt for, and plenty I personally think she did fine with

There are absolutely reasons to criticize her! But the very gendered comments about her appearance, vanity, etc., are not ok. Not to mention the oodles of sex-based slurs she receives or threats (and now attempts!) of actual violence.

I don’t condone violence, but in the West Coast we are dealing with politicians who keep letting people out of jail even after they commit crimes in the name of “social justice”. As if it’s not the criminals fault they committed a crime. So do I feel bad that Nancy’s family was attacked? Yes, but it’s muted as her party’s policies are what have lead to criminals being free on the street and she has actual power to change that - I feel worse for the families being attacked, the women raped and attacked, who have no power to make a change.

Creepshots? It looked like surveillance video to me, and it went viral because businesses were closed for the plebs. Were the photos of Gavin Newsom having dinner at the French Laundry "creepshots"?

Wasn't the thing about her getting her hair done about her hypocrisy during lockdown?

There might have been something about it, but I've also seen photos and mocking commentary about her coloring her hair, as if that proves she's too frivolous to be a government leader.

Yes, it's the same with any woman in office. Always gendered attacks on her appearance and behavior that you will never see towards a male. I don't support everything she does but the vitriol towards her is absolutely increased by her being female. (And I do mean all women like I remember the stupid media obsession with Sarah Palin's eyelashes as if there weren't plenty of actually relevant things to criticize her for.)

Ugh, the sexualizing of female politicians like Sarah Palin and Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez disgusts me. You can’t be a remotely attractive woman and be taken seriously by men. Of course, if you’re unattractive, they’ll focus on that, too. You cannot fucking win.

The sexually violent and deranged things I have seen scrotes proudly write about AOC on public forums and social media are clearly a form of hate speech and should immediately get them on a watchlist if we are going to have watchlists. It's one thing to disagree with her votes or stances and another to graphically describe how you want to torture a tiny woman for daring to hold public office while female.

I don’t know how she deals with it, I probably would’ve tapped out after the first few graphic sexually aggressive threats. Males love threatening loud women with sexual violence for some reason.

You’d think the fact that she was a bartender who put herself through college would appeal to conservative nut jobs 🙄

To be fair, one of the reasons Sarah Palin was picked to be a candidate is because she is attractive.

Well this is depressing. Sarah Palin was the first female governor of Alaska, the youngest governor of Alaska, at one point polled as “the most popular governor in America,” her whole platform was ethical reform, she routinely went against and outright opposed other Republican politicians, went after pork barrel spending and cut a shitton of unnecessary budgets, and you’re reducing her to a “pretty face” and citing that as the reason McCain chose her as a running mate. I don’t like Palin; I never really have. But a man who accomplished what she accomplished, who was then selected as a vice presidential candidate, probably wouldn’t be accused of only being chosen for being attractive.

And don't forget all the "sex positive feminists" who gleefully called Palin's teenage daughter a whore for getting pregnant

Yes, that was so disgusting. Same people who would mock and shame young women taken advantage of by powerful males on "their side," their dishonesty and misogyny when it suited them to prop up a Democrat male was something that prolonged my letting go of idiotic and incorrect rightwing beliefs and lies about feminism in general. Those women were class traitors and there's nothing less feminist than that.

Yes, and they hung Palin in effigy and no one called it a hate crime except a few uppity women.

Agreed. There's a ton Pelosi should be criticized over, her appearance is low hanging fruit and typical of men.

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Do you ever visit right wing social media or news sites?

I was not surprised when Pelosi's husband (and Pelosi herself) was attacked because I have been watching the propaganda they are exposed to. One thing the right does very well is set targets. They repeatedly bring up the names of their targets (usually high profile politicians/their families, left wing media representatives and celebrities), using every opportunity to trash or lie about them. It is implied or said they are criminals, evil, etc. - highly emotional words that provoke righteous anger in their base.

Eventually - and the powers that be are well aware of this - some man will get enraged enough to attempt harm. He's usually below average intelligence with a quick temper and raging misogyny problem, easy access to guns. He absorbs these messages about who the target is and like an attack dog - he's off on the pursuit. He'll get pushed into some prison, brushed off as a lone nutter, then the targeting will continue. Since Pelosi wasn't assassinated, we can safely assume the right wing propaganda arm will keep her on their active list.

While a lot of right wing outlets absolutely do this, its disingenuous to pretend that left wing media doesn't relentlessly lie about & demonize people only to feign shock when said targets are met with violent threats (or actual violence). I mean, we have people like John Stewart claiming that any woman who isn't a cheerleader for trans issues wants trans people to be murdered.

This isn’t a left or right problem. Its a male violence problem

[–] friedparata 23 points Edited

don't they also lie about JK Rowling a lot? accusing her of being ablist and antiseptic.

edit: yes i meant antisemitic, lmao💀

I'm assuming you meant antisemitic. LOL

And yeah, countless lefties are spreading outrageous lies about Rowling being a vicious racist, abelist, homophobe, antisemite, etc for stupid fucking reasons. Apparently, her books have ALWAYS been Nazi tomes. But they only noticed it after Rowling started liking GC tweets. 🙄

It’s an echochamber and critical thinking problem too.

Remember the republican baseball practice shooting?

Not surprising at all, no. What I'm saying is that Pelosi is a target because of misogyny.

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The right-wingers have a lot of targets they hate, but the ones they always are mobilised to hate the MOST are strong women. It is no coincidence that they spend so much time screaming into the internet about Pelosi, AOC, Omar, and Clinton. They hate them far more than any man in congress.

The stuff that even my own family says about AOC makes me want to hurl

She's going to be remembered as one of the best Speakers of the House in US history- personally, I put her at #1. The woman is a badass who gets shit done and takes no prisoners as she does it. I adore her.

They are TERRIFIED of her. Like you said, they did the same with Hillary, and some other women in Congress who don't speak all softly and apologetically (Amy Klobuchar comes to mind. I know some people have valid criticisms, but she's incredibly effective and also a badass). It's pathetic how scared they are of strong women.

I know people farther left than I am take issue with Pelosi, but she's the type of ruthless Dem that we need way more of in Congress.

... what shit did she get done??

Okay, but I'm not on about whether she's a good Speaker or not. My point is that if she were a man there wouldn't be this hatred.

Oh, I know- it just seems like whenever I mention how much I adore her people go "yeah, buuuuuut..." and I just wanted to head that off.

Anyway yeah, I agree with your post, in case that wasn't clear.

Yes for sure, but Pelosi is fully supporting men as women and the harms to kids so fuck her.

Mhmm. Let’s not pretend like misogynistic attacks are only something the right wing does to prominent women.

I expected more of Pelosi because she was a woman. And she’s disappointed me over & over. She’s just another politician. I guess that makes me sexist.

Sadly, its not unique to Pelosi. Women in politics on all sides get shit on by all the parties for petty reasons. I doubt leftie activists would corner a male politician in the toilet the way they did to Kristen Sinema

I would argue it’s a male problem that goes both ways - not just one way. Sarah Palin gets a lot of gendered hate. “But!! (You’ll say) she’s an idiot!!” Sure, but how often does a man get one comment blown out of proportion like “I can’t see Russia from my house” when what she actually said (via Snopes) was “you know you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska”, which is factually true.

Now I’m not defending Sarah Palin, but I’m saying it goes all ways and it’s worth looking at what women who achieve power have to deal with in a way men don’t.

Dan Quayle never lived it down after he revealed that he thought potato was spelled P-O-T-A-T-O-E

Well if one man has had to face a gaffe (and let’s be honest that was not the only Quayle gaffe) it can’t be misogyny!


Lordy I'm no Dan Quayle fan, but the endless pile-on about that stupid misspelling was utterly juvenile.

I would bet money that half the people who yammered on about it couldn't themselves spell the word.

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I see the same in Canada with the absolute right wing psychosis against Chrystia Freeland.

The message is clear in all of these cases: “women know your place and if you don’t, the response will be violence”.

I'm disappointed people are making fun of the attack. I know some people joke about Schumer and how he wears his glasses, but i think he actually is leaning into it.

I think it took about 10 minutes before some right-wing sites started either calling it a false-flg attack or claiming the attacker was actually a crazed left-winger. Maybe he was. Point is he thought violence would get him what he wanted from Dems.

I wish I could say I'm disappointed, but that would imply I'm surprised. And no way can I be surprised after the January 6th riot.