The whole movie seems like propaganda to sell women on prostitution. Making Emma Thompson the face of johns is a nice bait-and-switch.

Of course, a movie about a Ukrainian war refugee who succumbs to substance abuse in a German mega brothel where she endures degrading sex with 20 guys a day wouldn’t be as heartwarming.

I couldn't get through this - not because it's a bad review, but bc the plot sounds so contrived off the bat. Of course she's a widow who only ever slept with her husband, so she has a good heart and deserves access to sex. And of course the woman is the john and the man is the prostitute bc women are sex buyers just like men, doncha know? In fact, if this nice widow is buying sex, then it must be a good thing and we should all be able to buy sex just like, say, a hairdressing appointment or a massage! Prostitution...I mean sex work... is just misunderstood, right?

It's such a big fat lie!!

I'm actually angry they would make it seem like women are sex buyers! And even if there were some they wouldn't be nearly as violent or entitled...seriously, now I need to see the numbers. The fact brothels are sausage clubs just tells me that more men buy sex and no evening the odds and female sex buyers risking STDs (like any other sexual encounter with a man) will make it okay...We need to ban it completely.

Yes, it seems like "they" are trying to normalize the idea that women are just like men, so that when men say they are us, they can point to examples like this to say women are just as likely to be sexual predators or just as likely to be violent.

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Its depiction is sanitized to the point of near Disneyfication - the characters even argue that prostitution should be a public service provided by local councils. Many devices are employed here to make prostitution palatable and reduce the creep factor, including the choice of characters, casting, setting, dialogue and language, displays of consent-seeking and reassurances, as well as humour.

Ugh. This is so gross.

Also, to all the people arguing that prostitution should be a public service, i say, "YOU first!". If you really believe this, then YOU can go suck off that creepy incel neighbor and then offer your vagina and/or anus to the homeless schizophrenic guy on the corner who catcalls girls on their way to school.

Whereas films like Pretty Woman (1990), Midnight Cowboy (1969) and I, Daniel Blake (2016) include scenes that offer realistic depictions of prostituted people and make it clear that exiting the sex trade is desirable, Good Luck to You does the opposite, praising prostitution, rebranding it as “sex work.” It’s all very idealized and civilised: no soliciting, no STDs, no drugs, no violence, no suicides.

You know you fucked up when you make Pretty Woman look REALISTIC by comparison!

The "john" here, the protagonist, is a woman. Nancy, an older, white, middle-class woman, is the farthest thing from the typical sex buyer. She contributes enormously to reducing the creepiness of the story—as does the role of the prostitute being played by a young man instead of a young woman.

Its because casting an older White male to be the buyer and a young Black woman to be the prostitute would make the practice look exploitative on screen no matter how much they tried to pretty it up

During the first of their four meetings Nancy and Leo talk at length about the possibility that she may be exploiting him. She worries that he is vulnerable, an orphan, possibly trafficked against his will. He assures her he is not. She accuses herself of being a “seedy old pervert” and more than once, encourages him to leave. He calms all her fears and reassures her: “I won’t leave unless I’m clearly instructed to or I feel I’m in physical danger.”

So this movie actively dismisses the fact that many people in prostitution ARE destitute, trafficked, orphans, etc. Its pushing the lie that those sad cases are the outliers and Sexy Leo is the norm.

Nancy eventually recommends Leo’s services to her former year-eight student, Becky, now around thirty years old and whom she unexpectedly meets working as a waitress in the hotel restaurant.

So Nancy passes this Black man around like a communal dildo to all her (presumably) White friends both young and old? This sounds like a more porn-y version of 'Get Out'

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This movie had my eyes rolling out of my HEAD.

Pleasure is a wonderful thing. It’s something we should all have.

I am really tired of this assumption that just because someone's not super into sex, it's because they're full of shame, or repressed, or have trouble accepting pleasure in their life.

Maybe I'm not big into sex because it is an extremely vulnerable act and requires a deep, sincere, honest relationship with another human being, and that takes a lot of time to cultivate. (And if I do create that depth with another person, it's none of anyone else's business.)

Maybe I'm not big into sex because it is often mischaracterized as this blithe thing--as this movie TOTALLY exacerbates, by the way: "sex is basically like having a glass of prosecco in the park don'tchaknow? It's relaxing and freeing! You should enjoy it with anyone, regardless of the depth of your connection!"--and I've gotten hurt by trying to act like it's "no big deal."

Maybe I'm not like WHOA SEX because I've had a lot of it and genuinely prefer beer and music with my friends over it (most of the time). In this day and age, most women past the age of 40 (in Western culture anyways) have had both horrible sex and awesome sex. We know the spectrum and don't need to be taught how to feel about it.

Not all minimal sex-havers are prudish or ashamed of receiving pleasure.

Some of us have simply been there, done that, and rightly recognize that sex is really powerful and most of the time, I just want a goddamn good laugh.

This obsession with sex just irks me...some people put it on as a physical NEED like food and water.

Like you said, having a beer with the friends and a good belly laugh is much more enriching. Sex is just a huge risk and people play with it all the time like it's no big deal. I guess it also helps to be terrified of getting pregnant too. lol

Exactly! Excluding traumatic experiences, most sex is boring or painful. I would pick masturbation over sex any day of the week.

Emma Thompson seems like she' s trying her damnedest to be up with the times. First her handmaidenry towards TIMs, then prostitution, but with the twist that the woman is the one buying because it' s less "bad" this way. If women do it sympathetically, then men doing it are ok! Plus the usual glamorizing and normalizing of the entire deal.

Good job!

This sounds...painful.

But my question is...is it set in the present? Because if the Thompson character is in her early 60s she did NOT grow up in the 50s. I'm 62 and grew up in the 70s as did anyone this age. Not exactly an age of repression. She'd have been in her 20s in the 80s for heavens sake.