Why remove Iran? The article doesn’t explain how its presence is an impediment to the work of the larger body. There are many people in Iran fighting to change society. The whole country does not agree with the government. The women who are fighting for reform need access to organs like the UN WRC to lend legitimacy to their cause. The West’s objective shouldn’t be to punish Iran or turn them into a pariah just because they can. It should be to engage with the people and government, lending support where possible.

Removing Iran wouldn’t accomplish anything tangible, and would just be another show of Western hostility.

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I'm a little curious as to how they got on it, unless they're a holdover from the 1960s or something.

Finally my country doing something that's actually smart. It's about time.

Like we have any fucking room to talk.

I get the sentiment, but we definitely have room to talk when compared to Iran. I don’t know of any American women who would rather live in Iran, and I’m sure there are many Iranian women would love the opportunity to live in a country like the US, UK, or Canada instead of Iran in it’s current state.

Even with the threat of gender ideology, we should never take the rights that we do have for granted. Very few of us risk death for fighting against gender ideology, while in Iran the majority of women and girls risk death and imprisonment for fighting against an oppressive and murderous regime for their rights to be recognized as human beings who are equal to men. Most of us cannot even begin to fathom what Iranian women and girls are currently going through.

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Garland is trying to make it a federal crime to correctly sex a man and DHS is trying to make it a crime to spread "mis/dis/mal-information" about so-called trans medicine i.e. anything non-affirming about it. Our young gays and lesbians are being sterilized. If the Democrats make any gains in the Senate, the "Equality Act" will be passed nullifying ALL of the rights & protections of women and girls in this country by redefining sex as "gender identity". Our margin of superiority over Iran on women's rights is razor thin.




kiwi is now blocked by Tier 1 internet providers in the USA because its archives contain documentation of "trans" crimes against minors.

You can go out by yourself and wear whatever you want on your head, including nothing. The state does not police your clothing.

The oppression of women in Iran is massively worse than it is here in the US.

There's a bit of a taste of geopolitical opportunism, as the US allies itself with Saudi-Arabia and most western countries didn't say anything when UN elected S-A to the Women's Rights Council.