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Okay, well. Obese women are, in fact, people. And they make up a pretty significant portion of our country at the moment. So yeah, we should probably count them. Idiot.

Also, "for whatever reason people of color have a higher incident of maternal mortality." Gee, wonder why that may be. When fucking Serena Williams and Beyonce almost die giving birth what hope is there for there for the rest of us? Are we actually going to talk about racism in the medical field or nah?

If Republicans want to make sure we're all giving birth whether we want to or not, they better have some fucking idea of how they're going to make it easier and safer. (They don't)

Idiots like him get triggered when black women bring up the fact that even the most successful, wealthiest women in the world, including the physically fittest athletes, are at a severely heightened risk of dying if they are black and pregnant in America, because of racism.

“Pregnancy is a natural thing that women are made for. That’s the way God made them. The myth is that it is dangerous; it’s no more dangerous than living every day.”

Has he ever seen the maternal mortality rates in, say, Chad or South Sudan?! Or the serious, lifelong complications, like obstetric fistula and much more, of “godly” natural childbirth without proper medical care?!

Pregnancy and childbirth IS dangerous and these idiot men have no idea WTF they are running their mouths about.

The myth is that it is dangerous; it’s no more dangerous than living every day.

How are men this stupid?

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More likely to happen in lower-income obese women, according to a recent study. Beyoncé was over 200 pounds when she was pregnant. I’m not in complete agreement with this guy, but the issue is a lot more complicated than he or Vanity Fair’s non-science writer make it out to be.

She was carrying twins and had toxemia. It's not like she arbitrarily decided to eat a whole case of Ding-Dongs every day for her entire pregnancy.

Hormones will do some weird shit to your weight even without the toxemia. You know how medicos claim that contraceptive pills don't cause weight gain? Yeah... It's a lie. They did for me.

Another asshole who thinks fat people deserve to die.

An attitude I am even more sick of after hearing endless "don't worry, COVID tends to only be harmful for fat people" hot takes. Applying it to maternal morality when the U.S. is known worldwide for being terrible is even more shameful.

How very pro-life of him! Nothing says family values like being cool with pregnant women dying if they’re overweight.

Plus he’s full of BS. It’s nowhere near that simple. Minority women (especially black women) and women in underserved communities (especially in rural areas) with poor medical access are all at higher risk as well.

Speaking to the Dayton Daily News, Dean declared that women face “no great risk of dying” from pregnancy, adding: “Pregnancy is a natural thing that women are made for. That’s the way God made them. The myth is that it is dangerous; it’s no more dangerous than living every day.” Incredibly, he went on to add, “I’m not a physician,” as though anyone was laboring under that assumption. “But I would imagine, a lot of times, it’s the lifestyle of the lady that’s having the pregnancy. We also have the most obese people in the whole world. It’s just individual cases.”

"I'm not a doctor. But I'm gonna speak with authority on this subject without even consulting an actual doctor because fuck you"

Also, Serena Williams nearly died right after childbirth despite being A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!! This isn’t just a problem for obese and/or unhealthy women. And even if it was only fat women dying from pregnancy complications, this problem would still matter and deserve to be addressed!! Especially since, as this scrote admits, lots of women in this country are obese

And she knew what care she needed, and asked for it, and nearly died because they kept ignoring her.

And she knew what care she needed, and asked for it, and nearly died because they kept ignoring her.

THIS! Williams had to DEMAND care multiple times before they would listen despite her wealth and status. If she had been a non-famous, working class Black woman (or simply less assertive), she would be dead.

What's especially insane is that she knew what care she needed, and asked for it, because she'd already had blood clots in her lungs years before. Yet the hospital wouldn't take her seriously when she knew the same thing was happening again.

Do these forced birther scrotes (and their handmaidens) even believe the BS they are spouting? Between them and the TRAs and their handmaidens, we are doomed.

On the one hand, we have these triggered white Repub males who don’t “see color” (yeah, right) and therefore are “confused” by decades of research and discussion on medical misogynoir, even when Serena Williams is impacted and it’s right in front of their faces.

Like this scrote, they’ll say women are designed by God to give birth (in fact, they’ll wager that’s women’s only real reason to exist, aside from providing men with sex and food) so of course it’s not dangerous at all (never mind those sky-high maternal mortality rates in the poorest countries on earth—it must be natural and God’s will for those women to just die or have their health destroyed for life; nothing to see here, folks). If a pregnant woman dies, it’s because she did something wrong. If she survives but has a miscarriage, throw her in jail for good measure.

Also, rape doesn’t cause pregnancy, according to them, because women’s bodies can just “shut that whole thing down.” Real medical experts, right here.

And then on the other hand, we’ll have TRAs ranting about birthing bodies and uterus havers being privileged to even carry pregnancies and breastfeed at all, when the poor TIMs can’t, and that Serena Williams, and ALL black women, and all rural women, uninsured and poor women, obese women- they all have “cis woman” privilege and we are triggering dysphoria by not centering men in the discussion on maternal mortality.

I live in Ohio. We're one of the fattest states in the union outside of the South and maybe Native American reservations (which aren't states, but you know what I mean). If he means to keep his office, maybe he'd better start remembering that fat people are his voters.

Also from Vanity Fair:

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy: Our Maternal Death Rates Are Only Bad If You Count Black Women

“If you correct our population for race, we’re not as much of an outlier as it’d otherwise appear.”

By Bess Levin May 20, 2022

What a conniving POS.

Then he goes on to say the focus should be on women of color, but acts like the reasons for the disparities and the higher maternal death rate are mystifying and completely unknown (it’ll be a cold day in hell when he’d recognize medical misogynoir or inequality).

” For whatever reason, people of color have a higher incidence of maternal mortality.”

Oh yeah, “for whatever reason.” Gee, it’s a complete mystery and hasn’t been researched and discussed for decades or anything.

Of course he doesn’t want to actually do anything to address the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world, but he can bring it up and make it look like he cares while pulling political shit that makes the problem even worse.

Yes and if you weed out all the people who die in other countries by whatever they have in common a d you don’t count them either, those countries skyrocket up to better rankings as well.

If you don’t count the people that die then yes you have a low maternal Mortality rate

Sweep all the real statistics under the rug and we can all live in a utopia! ✨Magic✨

wait, pregnant obese people? did the Republicans conveniently forget how to say the word woman?

This article shows how (a) we are screwed from both sides politically in the US – "pregnant person", thanks VF – and (b) how very much more damaging the Republicans are for women – the words and policy preferences of idiot Bill Dean.

Yeah, and he’s one of those “hurrrr durrrrr, no fat chicks!” assholes. 😡