I hate it. We all knew the regime was lying when they said they wouldn't be doing this. But, of course Biden is a big liar too, and he couldn't call them out on so obvious a lie. I wish every one of those spots on the planes filled with men fleeing had been filled with women and girls.

It truly made me sick seeing all those men fleeing and leaving their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. behind. Just goes to show that when faced with stress, your Nigel will immediately sell you out to the Taliban for a comfy seat on a plane.

Anytime I see male refugees from these countries I want to go up to them and demand they answer, "How many women did you save with you? Or did you also trample over them on your way out?"

What good are men for? They don't protect us. They have never protected us.

[–] GenderHeretic 22 points Edited

He added: “We have seen both men and women together in parks and, unfortunately, the hijab was not observed. So we had to come up with another decision and for now we ordered all parks and gyms to be closed for women.”

Yeah, right. If this was the real reason they did it, and they really believed the only solution to rule-breaking was to ban a whole sex from parks and gyms, that still doesn't mean there was only one way to do that. Ban men FFS. Have separate parks, even.

But we all know this is just a flimsy PR pretext to further the goal of banning women from public life and most of existence, and in particular, stopping women from being able to meet and speak amongst themselves. And this way, they get to blame women for it as well!

Every time I hear news like this I actually feel sick. I think people think I'm exaggerating but my stomach dropped.

Women probably laughed too loudly at the park. Worked too hard at the gym, making "everything jiggle," as my middle school Arabic teacher put it. In an Islamic culture, women's mere existence is viewed as a mockery of men's sexual desire, a way to lure them in with our feminine charm. Taliban will only accept women as private property as owned by individual males who make sure that they are covered up and hidden.


Men don’t care how much the government/religion/corporations etc abuse them as long as they are worse to the women and the men have power over the women


Absolutely. As soon as the US left, the Afghan men did nothing to prevent their immediate return. They clearly think that the Taliban is a nice, Holy way to run the country. This was a civilized and modern country a generation ago. It doesn't take men long to completely devolve.

And unfortunately, I can see America proceeding in a very similar direction over the next few years as Christian nationalism becomes mainstream.

A spokesman from the vice and virtue ministry said that Afghans managing the city’s parks, gyms and fairgrounds had been ordered to turn women away, including those with male chaperones.

So even women with male escorts cannot use these facilities now. This effectively bans children as well (since most outings to the park or the fair are initiated by the mothers)

Also, this really highlights the decadence of western gender ideology. People who are ACTUALLY OPPRESSED don't have the luxury of identifying in or out of said oppression

I see two glaring issues. Men do not like women to meet together and talk together. So a simple walk to the park and meeting other mothers prevents women from organizing or discussing their newfound restrictions from public life. Secondly, if they send their children to the park alone and only men are allowed there, those children could be abducted.

no ones ever cared about Afghanistan its always been invaded and ruled out of strategic interests due to its location, no one has ever cared about the people. they are just trapped in the middle.

[–] sarstan 12 points Edited

Not that it's on the same level, but over here in North America, some of us are doing this to ourselves (gyms, not so much parks) to avoid the men in womanface.

Go hard right or hard left, ultra modern or ultra regressive, it doesn't matter; women take the hit.

There is nothing leftist, much less "hard left," about gender ideology.

If they sound the same that's because they are the same. One group doesn't go to church, that's all.

I read this earlier and it made me sick. How long until it's the entire country, not just Kabul?

[–] Riothamus scrote 6 points

I suspect it's been the status quo in the outlying provinces for quite some time. Wasn't Kabul the last city to fall to the Taliban?

The BBC seemed to think this particular regulation hasn't been introduced outside Kabul (yet).

[–] Amareldys 4 points Edited


I guess bringing kids to the playground isn’t considered women’s work over there. It is so baffling to me how gendered jobs differ so dramatically from culture to culture

Like grocery shopping, heavily gendered as female in the west, but not in places where women are not supposed to be public. Which of course complicated the cook’s job, if she can’t go choose her ingredients

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