I don’t think that democrats are aware of just how much right wing radio (yes, radio, I’m not talking online or podcasts) is out there. I don’t hear it so much in my state, but one state to the north, and it’s rampant. It was CONSTANT as I flipped through the radio stations during a 4 hour trip in 2016 right before the election. There was so much misinformation. Dems don’t have this level of proliferation of fake news on the radio. Of course people believe this shit. This is where many older Americans get their lies. But, it’s not really talked about.

So in Missouri? My guess is that it’s much the same. Tons of right wing radio spreading lies.

And then after calling out crazy beliefs she encountered, In her next sentence she will talk about how men are women and children are often born in the wrong body and this is all progressive and normal.

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Did she actually say that or are you assuming this is her view?

You know what they say when you assume….

Not all Dems are bad. This kind of thinking ends up with a nationwide abortion ban because everyone ends up voting Repugnican. 🙄