As if we needed another reminder of how the liberal men who insist sex work is empowering really feel.

Good point. They pretend it's liberating until they can humiliate a woman with it.

Ugh, it is very telling when a man starts making sexual insults at women he doesn't like. I don't like Lauren Boebert either, but criticize her platform and policy. It reminds me of Elon Musk calling Elizabeth Warren "Senator Karen", that special insult reserved for women that have passed through menopause.

Yep, “left” woke bros are all equally as misogynistic. That’s why gender ideology thrives, it’s woman hating for everyone!

Men try to insult a woman without insulting her looks, age, sexuality or sexual activity challenge. Never before seen.

Kurt Bardella was a longtime Republican who switched parties sometime during the Trump administration. Among other things, he cited anti-Asian racism for his decision (he’s ethnically Korean but was adopted by white people). His views really haven’t changed; his whole claim to fame (and MSNBC contract) is being a never-Trumper.

He’s always on panels and he never has anything insightful to offer. I am surprised he made this comment though, because he seemed like a soy boy liberal, NOT a nasty misogynist. But I guess they’re one and the same.

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Well, we can't have racism! That affects men!

I'm sure the scrote had no problem with GOP or Trumpian misogyny, though.

Just goes to show that political and social justice movements are basically just acting out schoolyard bully revenge fantasies. Unsurprising when democrats seem to be the party of social and emotional immaturity seeking to live a perpetual childhood.