This is one more things I hate the "trans/genderists" and their woke followers for: I live in Massachusetts, am a lesbian, I would love to be proud of Healey's win, also as the first woman elected gov. in our state (can you believe it)?

HOWEVER, and a big however, as Attorney General she was the biggest bullshit supporter and pusher of "trans" rights and mouthed always the whole nauseating "trans" narrative. She pushes the concept of "gender identity," "self-id", of "born in the wrong body", "gender affirming care", and men in women's prisons. Women's and children's rights, in our state, is doomed while she is Gov. I have a glimmer of hope that now that she is the head honcho she might get some sense, but doubt it. I once wrote a letter to her as AG about the loss of women's rights to "trans" rights, and what was being done to children, and got the most disgusting b.s letter back. So, am I proud? Sadly, no. The same cowardly politician.

She's also the woman who told other women that if they had a problem with sharing a bathroom with a [man larping as a woman] they should HOLD it. In other words, women don't matter to her.

Ugh. That is atrocious. She's worse than I thought. The centers men kind of lesbian? Traitor! Though I hate the use of "queer" better she calls herself that, cause lesbian doesn't describe her.

Same. I live overseas but vote in MA. I didn't bother with my ballot, I was so unexcited. And I really, really want to be excited about her

Exactly. It is sad that as a high achieving (in the patriarchy) lesbian, who even calls herself lesbian, I believe, Healy supports the '"trans" cult who has devastated and disappeared the lesbian community, leaving young lesbians at the mercy of those predator males cynically calling themselves, lesbians, and many lesbians with no public social gathering places, leaving them isolated and feeling bereft.

The new Governor of Oregon, Tina Kotek, is also a lesbian. Representation!

That may have been another case of voters casting their votes against Trump Toxicity. Her opponent was Trump endorsed. And he had won over a more moderate republican in their primary. A familiar story this midterm season.

In my state there was a moderate female Republican who decided to try to become one of our senators in DC. She had substantial and very positive name recognition and multiple years of legislative experience. She was pro choice. A little TQWERTY friendly, but not bad. She would have given our boneheaded and fully committed to trans rights Democrat senator a real challenge. She had a shot at actually winning. Sadly she did not win the Republican primary. The gal who did win the primary had never held public office before. She was a good rainmaker for the party, and was well connected where it counted. She was also very publicly endorsed by Trump. And then she lost. Badly. Now we're stuck with the woke bonehead for another 6 f'ing years. Thanks GOP!

With the disappointing midterm results, I'm seeing quite a bit of Dump Trump or Die rhetoric coming from concerned conservatives now. Duh. Runnin' a little late there, Elephants! A RINO is closer to an Elephant than a true blue Donkey, ya morons.

The Dems had better hope that the GOP doesn't dump Trump because if a more moderate person had run in PA, AZ and GA, the Dems would have lost.

With the disappointing midterm results, I'm seeing quite a bit of Dump Trump or Die rhetoric coming from concerned conservatives now.

I'm morbidly fascinated, watching them turn on him.