They’re not dumping their boyfriends over the comedian, they’re dumping them because this comedian is highlighting how regressive and misogynistic the men are.

Well done ladies in China. Keep at it.

The 29-year-old famously called men “average yet confident"

Lmao! Brutal and accurate read

“I used to hate Yang Li, but now I like her. Isn’t she a great filter?” said an August post that got more than 6,000 likes. “If you date a feminist and get married, you have to hand in all your salaries. Your children may not bear your surname.”

This part is so funny. You can hear the seething and coping even through the translation. Shit men do that, they take what women say and reverse it and then they’re all proud like a toddler with a potty.

The whole article was great. Sounds like Chinese women are collectively raising their standards.

Ever since I learned the term "patriarchal reversal" I can't stop seeing it in everything they do.

Reality: Men steal women's labor and leech off their efforts to such an extent that partnering with a man literally takes years off a woman's lifespan (while men see their lifespan lengthen when they partner with a woman).

Reality: Every single child who has ever lived was built by a woman. Men do exactly 0% of the work in building new humans, and in most cultures around the world will do only a tiny fraction of the work required to care for and rear children after birth.

Men: Amg if you marry a feminist she will steal ur stuff and refuse to let you name YOUR children!

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I read the quote and I thought a woman wrote that, unironically - because it makes sense. Yes, men, you should be proud to be giving your wife all your money (they're better at handling it anyway) and that she will give you children (but since she's the one actually sacrificing something to make this happen, she should be the one to name them as well). It isn't outrageous, it simply makes sense.

You'd think these dudes would figure out how to be on their best fucking behavior. They know there aren't other fish in the sea for them.

Except they will just kidnap some from Vietnam or something

I am so happy there a big feminist movements brewing in Korea & China. Japan needs to be next because the amount of pick me japanese women is appalling

I think one of the reasons the birth rate is so low in Japan is because the women have had it with the misogynistic, entitled men. Maybe more Japanese women are waking up to how shit men are, and the fact they don’t have to settle for unequal partnership?

I hope so anyway. It is my hope for women everywhere that they not tether themselves to worthless, misogynistic men.

I’m here for their radfem arch, they all have such historically powerful women

QUEENS. I love seeing women laughing in such joy at a woman’s jokes. Hoping Yang Li is staying safe.

She’s great. Acts like she cares about dating and relationships but is roasting the shit out of men the entire time.

Only adding to my ever growing admiral of chinese women

These dudes....fuck off. The reversals are off the charts. Hello, femicide.