53% of white women voted red. That’s just barely over half. I see why many would, though I wouldn’t myself, but articles like this blaming white women for republicans is just yet more misogyny. Half of white women voters did NOT vote republican. Men vote against their own interests all the time but don’t get blamed like this. Perhaps the question should be why are democrats failing white women?

From reading Ovarit I see a lot of women recognising that neither party are actually protecting women’s rights, and it is a difficult choice for many to choose between a party who wants to control women’s bodies, and a party who denies women exist. Personally I see the former as much more of a threat but I can understand why some women would vote the other way and I am not going to blame them for it. I’m going to blame the woman-hating democrats.

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Yes, I notice electoral results the writer disapproves of are never white men’s fault. Or any other colour of men, either.

Yeah, despite the fact that white men are the gop’s most reliable voters, no one ever seems to care when they can complain about white women.

They say it’s because white men aren’t voting against their best interests so they don’t expect much. White women misogyny (hilariously and ironically one of the few times leftists even care to acknowledge this fact) so they expect better

Never mind the fact that about as many white women vote blue as they vote red and that expecting women to have more moral principles is sexist lol

Ding ding ding! I remember when Donny Two Scoops was elected and everyone was screeching about 53% of white women, whenever the white male voters were brought up, it was always dismissed as “Well, they’re white men. Of course they’re gonna vote R. We can’t expect anything better of them.” And that’s not even touching on men of other colors voting Republican either— they get a pass too I guess.

I pointed out elsewhere that that "53" percent number wasn't even accurate -- it was based on exit polls. More accurate data was compiled and released later showing that that number significantly overstated the support DT had from WW, but by then, no one cared. The narrative was set in stone and the general public had their boogeywoman all ready to hate.

And as always, it is white women who voted, not total white women. If midterms voter turnout is only around 50% then barely over a quarter of white women voted republican.

In countries where voting is compulsory (e.g. Australia) voting can be a true reflection of the views of all of society, in countries where voting isn't compulsory it won't be. Only those motivated enough to vote will vote.

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That’s what always gets me, they never account for the low voter turnout in the US at all. Wasn’t this article still pulling the “half white women voted Republican in 2016” shit without even mentioning that little “half of white women who voted , voted Republican” detail?

[–] Fury 29 points

Imagine trusting your reproductive sovereignty to a party fighting tooth and nail to erase your very existence from Federal law.

[–] DurableBook 10 points Edited

For my entire voting life the Dems have been dangling Roe in front of women to keep our votes. Sure, they won't actually fight for women's rights, and they won't make any steps toward meaningful equity, but who else can you vote for, ladies?

The Democrats seem quite happy to benefit from the terrorism that Republicans inflict upon women, since it means they don't actually have to do anything for women and can simply say "Hey, we're not going to personally rape you like those guys!" It's the same as all the men in the world who happily profit from the way that abusive men lower the bar for their entire sex class.

I'm not looking to settle any more.

I will not vote for science-deniers. I will not vote for anybody who increases corporate welfare. I will not vote for racists. I will not vote for homophobes. And--I know this one is so very unkind of me--I will not vote for misogynists.

I've set my bar pretty fucking low, quite frankly, and if the Democrats can't manage to clear it then I guess I'm staying home.

Yeah, from what I saw both choices had major repercussions for women. Whoever voted just did what they thought was best with what they had. Why blame people who have had all avenues cut off at this point.

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I object to the very premise that voting blue would somehow help abortion rights. These assholes had fifty fucking years to codify Roe into law, didn’t lift a finger, and now have the gall to beg me for political support and campaign donations while also expecting me to accept them putting men into women’s prisons and shit? No. At this point, I have more faith transforming the moderate / libertarian side of the Republican party than I do in salvaging the Democrats.

[–] Fury 12 points

I cannot fathom how any woman who is not a TRA could possibly vote for a Democrat, knowing they intend to nullify the existence of women in Federal law and every right and protection we have.

Because I have a daughter and if I voted Republican my state would make abortion illegal. That’s a much greater threat to her right now.

Issue voting used to be such a thing, now it's like a bad word. As an old lady, I already fought for abortion rights, so I know we can win those back if we work at it. What I don't know is how to do that if we can't name the problem or mention the word woman in any context. So for me, it's always going to be a vote against the erasure of women first, but I understand why other women see it differently.

What I'd prefer is women here not claiming some are "voting against their interests." We all have different definitions of our interests - I may live in a state that doesn't have a risk of losing abortion, therefore I see no reason to vote blue on a national level because if my state could figure out how to give women Healthcare since the 90s, the federal level could have done something by now... Unless they really just hate women as much as the red side but are using it as a fundraiser point.

Biden even promised to make Roe federal law if the dems won the midterms. Let's see if it was just lies to fund raise off of.

Women's rights were popular and trumpism was unpopular. Hopefully this is a sign that the republican party starts moving more moderate if the dems take the win as a sign to keep going far left and abolish sex based rights for women.

Wouldn't that be a crazy scenario? Dems make Roe law, Republicans give up on banning abortion because it cost them as easy win, and they make the dems go on defense by asking them why women don't deserve to keep their female only spaces.

Lyin' sunnva bastard. "I shouldnt have answered your question on abortion."

I knew it was just a threat. In two years he'll promise the same thing. Fuck him, Im glad I didnt vote.

Wtf is the obsession with white women? Do people piss on white dudes when a candidate they don't like wins? It's weird. It's not like you can trust polls anymore...since no one answers their phone to strange numbers anymore. Both parties f**ck women over. This is a stupid distraction. Men vote too. Are we shaming men enough?

I think they assume that white women can be shamed into compliance while white men can't. If that is what they believe, they clearly have never met any conservative women.

They do it to divide women the same way they shove men into womens spaces

When we get together we start talking.

Well, dems haven't exactly prioritized protecting Roe. However, they're happy to dismantle Title IV.

Ms. McDuffie needs to ask the pro choice POCs who voted Red too last week. Maybe they would know?

white people continue to be the biggest threat to American democracy.

No, Hon. The biggest threat to American democracy is the protection of the Investor class and their assets by the US government. But you can't write about that at The Root, now can you?

The Root is owned by G-O Media. G-O Media is a "holding company" owned by a bunch of private equity vultures. Who, like all private equity vultures, are members of the Investor class who don't produce anything of value themselves but will extract as much value as possible out of whatever companies they buy before selling them off or letting them limp along before they go bankrupt. They didn't buy The Root to make it better. They bought it to enrich themselves as much as possible. Maybe even as a media tool to that end. As a "senior writer" at The Root, you should have a clue about all that:


Ooh, back again with putting “white” in front of women to make it sound like a race critique… nothing for white men, though…

Maybe because we can't complete a useful analysis of women's politics by hyperfocusing on how dastardly white women are 🤔

I voted red in my governor race, but blue in the rest of the races.

My two choices were current Republican governor (R) and former Republican governor (D). That’s right, the Democratic candidate had already been governor and done so while a member of the Republican Party.

There’s an assumption here that most of the white women voting red are also pro choice. My personal experience is that most republican white women want some level of restrictions on abortion and that they celebrated roe being overturned.

The national poll this year quoted 74% of Americans would be happy to have the abortion debate ended at no restrictions in the first trimester, then only medically necessary after that. The remaining 26% was split between pro-life and the unrestricted abortions group.

So, yeah, there is a majority of red voters who are supportive of some abortion, as well as blue voters who are OK with some restrictions. It's just a little over 10% of people who are in both the extremes.

[–] starsstorm 0 points Edited

I’m aware there is broad support for abortion with some level of restrictions. I literally said most Republican women support some restrictions on abortions. These same Republican women were also cheering on the ending of Roe because they think it makes the restrictions they’d like easier. They also do not consider themselves pro choice despite supporting abortion in some situations.

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