We need more of these lawsuits to hit the other tube sites also! You can't tell me they're not hosting child porn.

This is the important bit of the article. Keep reporting to NCMEC. It's astonishing it needed 67 reports before taken down.

According to federal prosecutors, Franklin enticed two minors in the summer of 2018 to engage in sexually explicit conduct for a video. Later that year, in May and October, he uploaded multiple videos to the site from Greenville and Montgomery.

According to the lawsuit, Franklin lived with the mother filing suit, and her children for four months in 2018. During that time, he raped at least two children, including a 12-year-old boy whom he “overpowered,” drugged and filmed.

The videos generated an “astonishing” 188,000 video views with more than 1,100 subscribers on Pornhub, the suit states. One video generated more than 50,000 views, while another was sold for $15. More than 20 were listed, with titles suggesting they involved a minor.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (“ALEA”) received 67 tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in connection with Franklin’s videos, the suit states. Law enforcement entities received no tips from the company about the nature of the videos or Franklin’s identity, the suit states.

The videos were available on the site until December of 2019, after authorities made three inquiries about removing them. Franklin was arrested in May of 2020.


Never ever let a man into your home and ESPECIALLY not around your children... This needs to be pushed more, where divorce is more common- and so is dating afterwards and letting strange men around your children.. Always keep men at an arm's reach around your kids

This is so true. In my field of study I had to take a child abuse course and our male teacher told us this. The most likely person to rape, kill, or hurt your child is a non-biological male brought into your home. Staying single is the biggest gift you can give your kids and do not allow males to babysit ever.

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This should be the TOP COMMENT. My single mother started dating the manager of our local gas station/convenience store. This guy used to watch my mother bring in me and my two younger sisters (I was 10, they were 6 and 5) during the summers to get pop and candy. He must have "watched" us for awhile and next thing I knew, my mother was bringing this guy over to our house and saying that he was her new boyfriend now. I remember that I instinctively knew something was "wrong" with this guy (child instinct, I guess) and told her that I didn't feel comfortable with her dating that guy...that he was weird and creeped me out. She ignored me and after dating him for 4 years, she died after a terminal illness, and gave custody of us to this random guy...not our grandmother in another state, not our dads...this random guy. I was 14 years old at this time and a year later, he asked me to have sex with him one random morning. I told a friend at school, cops got involved (but did nothing, since his brother-in-law was also a cop that got the police report thrown out) and CPS did nothing as well. I was "removed" from the home and sent to live with my uncle, but my sisters were left with this scumbag. He ended up severely sexually abusing at least one sister (starting from the age of 9 or 10) until she was 17. NEVER TRUST A STRANGE MAN AROUND YOUR KIDS!

My heart hurts so much for your sister, and for you as well- and enraged by every adult that failed to protect two vulnerable girls from such a horrific man... I think it is incredibly valuable that you mention how LONG it took, how long he WAITED, before he saw that the "coast was clear" and he could get away with abusing innocent children.

I fear many women may take only a few months to "clear" a man, but like in the case of your Mother, evil men will wait and bide their time for even decades before they decide to strike... They know how to manipulate, they know how to use their power over others, and they know how to wait.

This story is saddening (though I hope both you and your sister are healing and overcoming that demon of a man...) but it's also so important that other women hear it- all people who have to act as a safeguard for ANY child, the reality of what these men will do and how long they'll wait to secure their "prey"... Thank you and so much love to you and your family

Yes. I rather "die alone" than have my children molested.

Yep. I am divorced and have a disabled, non-verbal child. No way in hell is any man ever getting access to him. Sure they’re ‘not all like that,’ whatever, but how the hell am I supposed to know which ones are? I will happily die single than risk his safety.

Amen. If something happens to my husband, I would put off dating until my child is an adult. Its just not worth the risk

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I hope there is a way to collect data on who watched and downloaded the child porn so they can be identified, arrested, and publicly shamed.

Rocky was most likely the mom's boyfriend. It doesn't say that but how else was Rocky living in the home with the children unattended?

The children would have been raped regardless of whether it was filmed. The acts being filmed and posted is only part of the equation.