They had a single child policy for a while, right? A lot of people decided to just have a boy, right? Oh darn, some men won't end up with a nanny bangmaid. Sniff. Sexism doesn't always pay off.

A lot of chinese men have actually been marrying forcibly transferred north Korean women because of the lack of Chinese women. Its really sad.

Many chinesse men are marrying ( non coerced as far as i know) russian women. The woman that shared that story told us russian women prefer them to both russian and sout korean men ( the later have an atrocius reputation as bad husbands btw).

I so want updates on that phenomenom but lost contact with the woman that shared that info with me.

And they still claim that males are more important and superior 🤣 when proved it's the literal opposite 😭🤡 Scrotes are delusional and they only have the audacity.

Yes. Low-quality marriage is hell and a slow torturous death. Low-quality marriages are easy to find. It's better to be alone than to live in hell.

I don't think a lot of Chinese women would sign up for what they put up with in marriage if they weren't basically forced to do it by their parents. It doesn't take a lot for them to look around and realize what a raw deal it is. Especially if the husband's family is "traditional" and they just treat the new wife like a maid.

It's been many years since I've been in a relationship and I am used to being single now. It doesn't bother me anymore that I don't have a boyfriend. It would be a big change for me to go from my life now to merging it with another person and I don't have the desire to do it anymore.

I was just thinking the other day how anomalous my life is. It wouldn't have been possible really at any other time in history. I'm a single woman closing in on menopause--I've never been married, I've never had children, I have a well-paying job and my own house. I could kick myself for how many years I wasted pining over not being coupled up or married.

Very true and well said.

I also strongly feel that only if you truly believe you are happier single than in anything but a shockingly amazing marriage, you will never be able to marry well. You have to set those expectations high and then have the calm confidence to back it up by being single if those expectations are not met (not just jumping to the next guy).

Too many males is a planetary problem. This just highlights the issue.

Well, they're not wrong. I'm really feeling the headline today.