This is tragic. That so many elderly women resort to crime to be imprisoned...to maintain a roof over their head....ensure food in their belly, a social network, and medical care is shocking.

Modern life has so many advantages...except, of course, it does seem to breakdown mutually obligatory intergenerational relationships...to break apart the social contract.

In addition to loving their kids, historically parents raised children in the hopes that, when they themselves become frail, dependent offspring would return the favor.

Those hopes are not being fulfilled in Japan, and, undoubtedly, more and more will not be fulfilled in other parts of world soon.

this was my retirement plan-- three hots and a cot, after all. too bad they let tims in now though

I'm not surprised I've watched lots of videos on Youtube about the elderly and the hidden homeless in Japan.

I recall one where the residents of a block would leave the light on between a certain time, they had an agreement with others that if you don't see the light call the police as they are probably dead, the block was exclusively old people. they don't ask for help out of pride, they are expected to be looked after by the family yet many don't have any, its very common for them to die in filth and not be discovered for months sometimes years.

then theres the hikikomori the reclusive normally males who live like hermits, some of them live alone but others never leave their parents, its very likely their mothers are still waiting on them hand and foot until they die and then rather often the hikkomori die too unable to coup as they have never had to look after themselves.

Prison sounds like a good solution to me if your 70+ still waiting on your 50 year old child, cleaning the home and doing all the cooking, or if you just live alone with no relatives or anything and fear dying alone unnoticed.

I have often wondered why more people in the UK don't get locked up, I know several people (men) who've been in prison, 1 was overweight with acne when he went in, years later he came out healthy, thin and toned with clear skin, he'd never looked so healthy he wet from living off junk food and sitting on his bum to 3 healthy cooked meals a day and mandatory exercise.

if I ever end up homeless you can bet I'll be working my arse off to get inside, warm bed, roof overhead, 3 meals a day.

I had a friend that had that same thought when homeless, he asked around what's the easiest most harmless way to get a guaranteed prison sentence and was told to rob a bank. So he did. For the bank the $500 he got was like a penny to us and the only harm he caused was scaring the employees. 4 year sentence in a US federal prison (the federal system is considered to be nicer than the states systems).

He said it was the worst decision of his lmao HOWEVER this is a US male prison so a UK female prison might be alright. I know women who didn't mind their time in a US female prison but I'm sure now in a pandemic world that any programming hasn't come back so it would be insanity-inducing boring.

(Plus the risk of TiMs)

I've heard american prisons are awful and that some don't even serve hot food only sandwiches.

here the men get better facilities then the women, they get libraries and gyms and classes and things to keep them quiet but they both get 3 decent hot meals a day, Gordon Ramsey did a show in a mens prison.

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Just as long as you’re not imprisoned with TIMs around.

I don't think it makes much difference when the alternative is sleeping in a doorway, its just with prison 2 of your worries are gone (the getting food and a warm dry place) the 3rd worry would remain the same.

I'm pretty sure I read an O. Henry story about this very thing in school...

So sad that so many people seem to think that confinement and loss of freedom is a viable exchange for never having to grow up and look after and provide for themselves.

many people can't provide for themselves no matter how hard they try its a tragedy that in many countries rich enough to do better, people are left in abject poverty and neglect so much that a system designed to be a punishment is seen as a refuge and life safer.

but its nothing new, in Victorian England monotonous tasks were put in prisons such as the treadmil and the screw to try and discourage the homeless from committing crime to get inside