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'I want to make sure that my kids and everyone else can walk around safely,' he said. 'That's what any parent wants for their children. It's what anyone wants for their… wife or their sister as well.

As if these wives and sisters aren’t independent people who have been demanding safer streets for themselves. Of course “anyone” in this case, means men and once again, women and girls are only worth considering when we’re seen as men’s property.

Manville, where you only think of yourself and lack the capacity to notice or care about what happens to others, especially women, until you have some of your own.

What idiot "takes for granted the safety of women walking alone"?

Where has his head been???? And this, a man with daughters.

A male who has literally never feared for his safety walking alone 🙄

after I wrote that, it ocurred to me that he is so wealthy, he and his family probably never walk anywhere. They have a driver or 6.

Yeah, this. Where are they going to walk that's remotely dangerous? I don't see them needing to walk home from work in the dark through dodgy bits of Glasgow, say.